the beginning & fulfillment

A cool day indeed, it rained. managed to accomplish my utmost important task; to send amma's upcoming birthday gift via registered postmail & a Christmas card to my neighbour in Penang :) work went well and at the same time enjoyed a happy conversation with my girlfriends(ex-schoolmates) via e-mail thread!FUN! :D after work, i had a quick dinner & joined up my first art activity with the artistic being, and yes i painted (after quite some time MIA)... :D erm it's not with acrylic or oil, but it's mural paint.first time i came in contact with this type on paint(pic below; paint stain as a memory).not bad :) it looks good when it dries up, its matte in soft/strong/metallic tone ;) i managed to do some observation on his concepts & ways of design; they were so wondrous & brings you back to the classic moment of the royal & ancient era. btw, i am happy too, for this morning 1st day of Marghali, i got up after 5.30am, out of a great effort, then drew a (complicated) Kolam, ermm let me name it as twisted Lotus (pic,as above), coz it actually twisted my brain while doin it,lol! :) and yes ,tomo shall be another happy day as it's our Secret Santa gift exchange day in my office,lol! okay then that's all for today :) Hari Om~

Deeper Conversation ~

God is simply great today for giving me really wonderful blessings! Yeap, this morning i thought about the talented man whom i met yesterday, and coincidentally he appeared right infront of my eyes when i was rushing to my work,wow! that is the power of visualisation :) SO there WAS a purpose of me waking up late today ;) next, i was so,so excited to get my things done in office, just to drop by @ his work station, and yes, i did. Together we went for a cuppa & there's where our conversation goes deeper and he started to open up about himself. He's married with 2 kids, aged 45 (unbelievably, he looks so young that i guessed it as 32@34) LOL!then he revealed the story of the PROTEGE in him :) yeap at the tender age of 2 he started to draw on his own and seeing him being potential, the dad had decided to teach his lil' son ARTS. Plus, his dad is also in vocal, hence he's also absorbed into it. The conversation went on & on..Indeed,he is a lucky soul to have experienced this ;) . He is born with it, and as for me I am SEEKER who needs to discover it, perhaps it is my KARMA, who now my journey has started, i am glad that i have met him..hope that he can guide me thru & again i am thanking God for having me meeting this adorable soul. Tomo, i shall start it up with him, yeap i am lending a hand to his major art project, also the time to do some learning and to have good fun too! HARI OM~ *************************************************************************** p.s: above is the trial@ testing of my Marghali kolam, simple one , swirly LOTUS to mark the blooming of a beautiful life :)

WOW : Sky + Art

"WOw!" that's the word that could tell it all, of what i have felt today :)
the evening was wonderful with a breathtaking view of the sunset; when i saw the soft peaceful blue sky..with the silvery white cluttered clouds enveloped with the gentle ray of mystique golden was so captivating that i realised another person, a man, noted it too, and then the other part of the "wow!" story continues with this particular person.. :) ahdgadgagdadgadgadgiagiugdsiugddadh;ah;ah;hhaidhiadyiayaidypaidydyap as i was really thinking of the word 'PROTEGE' and watched a video of a child protege today, i actually DID came across with one(a protege,as claimed), and it's the man who was watching the sky at the roadside(eventually he is handling a major art project) He.....A brahmin born in Sri Lanka but based in Chennai (India).He looked mysterious with the artistic vibe around him , from the 1st day I saw him at my usual hang out spot. An artiste in visual arts ; heard that he designs, paints, draws and a lot more. Yet a low profile man as he was so shy & declining the statements on his talent when they were 'publicized' by others.Yep, I was pretty impressed and I think it is my destiny of meeting artistic shy guys around,LOL!coz he's not the 1st one :) then i had a little time to talk with him before it was interrupted by the presence of a third person. Thank god, that i have at last had the opportunity to have a few words with that talented man :) can't wait to meet him again :) yeap i have offered my help in his major art project, woot! by the way his nickname has the word 'padma', that is indeed very significant to me, as it means lotus in Sanskrit, whilst i was told that the meaning of my name is a flower too,by his friend,an old uncle. Anyway, hope that my artistic journey shall be blessed & blooms beautifully all the way :)with the presence of this talented man.Hari OM~ :)

Dheena Dharani

As per request of my dearest sister, Thenmozly akka, let me share the song 'Dheena Dharini' that mesmerizes my soul with it's melody & it's serenity :)


Hari Om~

(New) Friends + Wedding = Unique experience

Just got back from a wedding which I was 'not really' invited, went there in a group, of an earlier known + (2) new friends. These new friends of mine are not just mere guys, they are classical dancers, which by looks they do not look like one! Wow! these guys are so, so inspirational. I was introduced by one of my TFA friend, while they waited for their class , which eventually got cancelled today. I suppose the guys should be over their 40's, yet they have got the time to dwell into their passion in dance. I dedicate my respect to them. We end up talking about dance, music & spiritual matters (Great minds think alike,ahaha!)

Next, we went to Shantanand Auditorium & checked out a wedding , since it's a malayalee (mixed) wedding. And yes I did find out that it is quite distinct from the other weddings that I have attended before. The bride is from Malaysia & the groom is from Kerala. The bride is a young talented shy girl who performs on the veena & as well a vocalist. Glad to see my beautiful dance teacher there too, who was actually on-call for her duty! I find that the deco is mainly based on the Kerala Malayalee style, esp with the use of coconuts & it's other properties (interesting!) next we watched the performances which are mainly on the different ethnics of Kerala ; malayalee, muslim & christians, later all combined in a piece known as 'Kerala Sundaram'~the dance was really , really entertaining & it was so rich :) and at last, the song in a vocal performance that I was really intoxicated during Navarathiri 'DHEENADHARANI' (composed by Swamiji), I heard it again today & the best part of wedding is they gave a new twist for the function by surprisingly asking the bride (whom she herself a vocalist) to sing, though she was unrehearsed, all the singers on stage (as well as my dancer teacher) has captured the heart of mine with the lovely rendition.The food was totally good, a set of 9 dishes on the plate + sweets + malayalee payasam+ cakes + juice (vegetarian cuisine) , that really filled me up! :) Then when passed the main lobby, I saw the exterior deco was Purple themed, from the drapes to the kolam..and that makes me imagine how mine shall be.. :)

Overall, it has been a wonderful day with a new experience of meeting new friends , attending 'unique' wedding that is so classy yet cultural.I am loving it~

God blessed the married couples, whom will be settling down in Europe


God shall bless all :D

Hari Om~


a brief posting for today...

~happy that I managed to catch up with the last day of Sashti prayer,early in the morning (5.45am)

~It is my (late) father's 57th birthday,love you loads appa!I have you in me, always I will :)

~My good friend,Puvanan has left to Abu Dhabi :)

For all the good things that happened today, I am thanking God
may all be blessed in their own special way..

Om Shanti~

Navarathiri's Finale : Day 8 ,9 & 10 (Vijayadasami)

Alright, to continue my posting on the auspicious & special Navarathiri...let's start off with the..

8th day(FRi) : I am off to the Sarawathi 2nd day pooja, then work and next to Central market to grab some stuffs for my guru offering. From the town, I went back to TFA to watch the performances of the night as well to do a lil' practice on my own in the studio. Afer all those, I got back home & yes it's time to get charged up for the next BUSY day! The day of our Kathak performance! ;)

9th day (SAt) :Went for the Pooja in the morning, oh my... how beautiful was Saraswathi in her white saree.. next, watched the morning performances @ the auditorium, where my flute master did his vocal performance, followed by other performances, and at the same time I ran out halfway to join in the Kanya Pooja @ Kanni poojai at the top most floor of TFA. Well, this is the 1st time I am witnessing one; seeing kids in their traditional clothing + jewelleries + makeup and that their appearance were depicted as the goddess. They looked so cute. They were first taken arathi, next they were offered prayers followed with feeding session(only by the ladies-it's girls affair,it seems)>>lotsa food!!,at first the little girls were excited but the whole bunch became tired of eating,LOL! However I managed to feed them too!something light>>payasam. After the pooja, I got back home and rested for a while..after that got back to the auditorium for Kathak rehearsal, once done with the rehearsal,I went back home,refreshed and off to the studio for make up session.Vidhya did for me the make up, it was FUN though :) Then we camwhored a bit in the studio, before we get to the auditorium to get our feet dancing on the stage. On that day, I am thankful that my good (funny-can't escape this) companion came down to watch the performance, it was good of him to record a video on our dance.Thanks to Rames, his good deed has brought happiness to all of us since we have something as a memory. After our dance, we watched other dances and turned out,the LAST piece for the night was truly special, bombastically divine that it gives you the shiver, titled Omkara Karini by the graduated dancers of TFA. In the end, we finished it with arathi and me & my gang managed to get some shots of memory with Vidhya,my Kathak guru & lol!even with my funny companion :P

10th Day (SUn) : It's Vijayadasami! The day is dedicated for all the wonderful gurus! I went up to the studio to meet my flute sir~after giving my offering, he taught me a new jantai (No.9) at first it was challenging yet tricky but it was nice to try out something new since this day is the day where you shall learn new stuffs and get blessed by your teacher(s). Next after meeting him, I went down to the auditorium to see 2 of my lovely pretty-in-blue gurus, yeap it's Dhanya (contemporary)& Vidhya(Kathak)! they looked good in their blue sarees! :D and the day turned out to be more special when it blooms with Vidhya's birthday! We then learnt a new steps from Aahmad and gotten blessings from them. Then we camwhored! :D wow! what an inspiring day that also brings us close to our gurus. I shall cherish this day ;D I am thankful to God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn arts + meeting up wonderful being thru out this inspiring journey of arts :D and on that day, it turns out to be open house in annalskshmi, we ended the day with good lunch there!

God bless all :D

Stay happy & achieve your dreams...

That's all from Navarathiri 2010~

Credits to ramesstudios for the video!may this video remain as one of the best memory for Navarathiri
2010! :D


Navarathiri : Day 4 ,5 ,6 & 7

A simple posting for tonight, on the past few days of Navarathiri celebration by me ,of course,LOL!:

Day 4 : ermm, nothing much except for cleaning up & organising my mini altar..
thank God my room was protected from something :)

Day 5 : Well, it is Tuesday today and it is the day we performed our contemporary piece! We totally had fun,yet performed with the kids! I felt relieved & satisfied with my offering, yet I think I have tried my level best to overcome a lil' of my stagefright,yippee!

Day 6 : I did a lotus kolam in the morning and went to work early,same on the Tuesday-for 2 days I went early to work to replace the time I used to rehearse my contemp ; 2 hours. Then I went to Mid Valley after work to get some gifts as offerings to my gurus! Happy with the stuffs I have gotten for them :)

Day 7 : The first day of Saraswathi's. I managed to wake up as early as 5.30am , though I am lack of sleep for few days but I realised that I automatically got energised to start the day. As usual I will clean my room, then the doorstep. Next refresh myself , then pray, put up kolams at the doorstep also in the house, light up ghee lamp @ the doorstep, then the best one for today is I went for Saraswathi pooja at TFA but ermm right at the last minute, however,thank God I managed to 'meet' and 'greet' all the deities plus enjoyed divine food offering (yummy!) Rightafter i went back home, soaked + washed some clothes, did some pics editing,uploaded some shots in FB, and then walk down to my office.After work,I came down for Kathak practice @ TAF and after all those, here, I am blogging after consuming Prasadam (food offering-once again 'yummy!')


the happening us :P

yeah the contemporary gang again :)

with my good sister :)


okay, I shall now retire to bed as I really wish to wake up early tomo
so that's it for tonight, a recap on how my Navarathiri have been for this year

Good night moon :)

good night all


Navarathiri : Day 3

Today I managed to wake up before 6am, that was the best effort that I could make since I slept late. It turns out to be a good day ; drawing up kolam, then to listen to some devotional / spiritual tale from the aunty, and a simple hearty breakfast-thosai. After all those, my whole day goes to rehearsal ; kathak, flute & comtemporary.
Today , I had my flute performance ~ it was indeed a good experience for me to perform for the first time on stage, moreover an instrument performance. Thanking my Sir for the wonderful opportunity & for his great patience~
Below are the happenings of the day in the walk of my life, Hari Om

Kolam & lights ~ good to see & feel their presence @ the door step

Bharatanaatyam by children

Bharatanatyam by the ladies

Flute~ Varnam

Odissi ~ Maha Kali



Arati (Prayer)
TODAY has been a wonderful opportunity to learn & do new things

Hope that all these good things showers & benefit all

Om Shanti~

Navarathiri : Day 1 & 2

Hie I just got back from the celebration of the 2nd day of Navarathiri.

This year, the celebration has been very special & meaningful for me; personally, it brings out the divinity & feminity out of (from) me...

~On the 1st day, I got up @ 5.30am(supposed to be 4.30am) & cleaned the house , then put up kolams ( a total of 5, including neighbour's house) and for today I got some Ghee to light the lamp @ the mini alter in my little room.

Hmm,Never I have celebrated it in such a way, I should perhaps thank the aunty whom I stay with, she introduced me & inspires me to dwell in the spiritual celebration..It's just I need to get myself a lil' bit disciplined to maintain these for the coming days..(would have to admit it though)

Alright, as for today in TFA they had quite aplenty of performances

Let me documentate those here, do have viewing pleasure and hope that you could too come over to experience the sweetness of arts in divinity

p.s : could only capture shots from today (2nd day) didn't bring my camera along on the 1st day~

Kids Hindustani vocal

Bala Vihar

Carnatic Vocal

Kids Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam ~Ganesha Kautvam

Odissi ~ Sthai

Odissa ~ Mokhsa

Pooja (Prayers)

My good friends ~ Francesca (R) Sara Wong (L)

Eri (Below), Me , Sara, Fran

That's it, for the 2nd day, I really enjoyed it, looking forward for the coming days of the auspicious celebration

Till then ,may God bless all , and may all of us serve all with love & live with peace

Good night~ om shanti

I thought..and it appeared! (P2)

Back to my posting ~
I shall now continue with the previous posting

On Sunday morning (29th Aug, 2010) after meeting Edgar at the Buddhist temple,I made my way to my school of arts before I could realise that another significant event is up in store :)

Uncle Soman is a simple, common friend of mine whom I enjoyed talking about spiritual matters, current issue & etc whenever I get down to the student's cafe. On that particular day, I was thinking of sharing a little chat with him and surprisingly he gave me 2 poems that reflects what was on my mind!

Let me share those 2 poems here! :)

The Great Escape

While we human beings seldom completely escape,
From the influence of Maya while still alive,
We partially escape from Maya's influence,
In deep sleep,
In dreams & near dreams, in deep prayer and meditation,
It is such a partial escapes that endear us,
So much to our Lord and makes life on earth worth living.

The Divine Love

Just as divine light is flowing through us always,
So too is divine love flowing through us all the time.
So we too tend to love God so very much,
Once we are on the inward journey.

I am very much happy on that day!
It may seem to be coincidence to others
but I count it as a blessing :)

Take care all & count your blessings! :D

I thought..and it appeared! (P1)

It was such a great and a pleasant day Sunday and that has made me decided to record it down over here :D yet i guess it's worth for sharing too :)

On this morning after a mini house cleaning, I went off to my dance class. While on the way, I came across an uncle who shares the same date of birth (except the year~LOL)with me and after a little funny chat with him, I continued my journey to my class. Hmmm,but this time ,while I was walking I came to a thinking on something that I really longed for and all of a appeared rightaway!!! :D


I WAS thinking of having a pet dog and finally I found one! :D Whenever I pass by the Buddhist temple in Brickfields, I usually will stop by to pop a 'hie' to Buddha and chant a little prayer from the entrance. As for today, I came to see a black four-legged figure tied under a tree. Then a man approached that figure to move it from a sunny spot to a shady one :) seeing that, I went into the temple compound ;near to the man and asked him whether the dog belongs to him. He mentioned that it stays in the temple and the chief monk is taking care of it. Then I asked the man on what he does there (temple), he told me that he works as a cleaner and he's from Sri Lanka (he is leaving end of this year & good for him! his daughter is getting married!). We have got ourselves introduced and we talked more. He told me the dog is named as Edgar & he is young 'kid'. Ahahah!To me,Edgar sounds like a cartoon character yet it's a cute name. I have no idea on what breed Edgar is but he is definitely a very friendly, gentle soul.I had the soul satisfaction when I got the opportunity to touch and share my love with him.Edgar is very well mannered dog.He was taught mannerism by the chief monk, also by the other monks there ( I have to admit some monks there are really good looking & dashing)Edgar knows how to shake his 'hand' with yours and many more! :D I really got hooked to him and I am so going to make frequent visits to the Buddhist temple ; for both Buddha & Edgar! At one point I told Ananth (the cleaner) that I have been longing to get a pet dog as a good companion, but if I were to get one ; I would need to get the space & time (in which I think would most prob happen when I get married, hopefully) So Ananth told me that I am welcomed to see Edgar in the office :D hearing that, I have been given a new hope of getting a good companion. Looks like God has granted one of my wish~

Thanks God~

The 2nd part to be continued in the next posting

HAri OM~

A visit from a loved one….

What a day, what a heavy rain! Pheww! Just got back after my replacement class .Today’s class has made my spirit & enthusiasm heightened, thanking my Sir for the encouragement & his utmost patience.

Oh yes, when I returned home, at the doorstep I came across a visitor who just came over to show his presence. Yeap, it is the seasonal butterfly (that’s what I call it as); which you will see not so often and after few days, sadly you will find it lifeless on the ground…I have been seeing them (a lot) when I was in the varsity.

I believe that their presence has a significance whereby the departed ones make their visit by this kind of return. Moreover when they are close to your place or area. To some, it might be ridiculous but not for me. This is because each & every particle of nature has its own way of revealing its mystery and that is the beauty of it. So I assume that it might most probably be my late father paying me a visit! It gives me joy that feeds my hunger of longing and to keep him close to my heart. It is a magical experience that brings you closer to nature and to feel the abstract love. **all smiles**

To my dear dad: Thanks for the visit.I do feel your presence, and do not worry, I shall take care the treasure that you loved the most, amma…

Just wonder if all in this world, experience love in such a way (those who are skeptic not included).I would think that the nature will find a better growth thru the respect given and people shall all indirectly spread love, abstractly indeed!

Believe in nature, believe in love..


Have some heart when you have the eyes...

Ever since I started working @KL Sentral , (at times) I have been wondering this one matter especially when I travel. Well, as most know,KL Sentral is a busy hub of public transportation and over there it's normal to see those who are visually impaired traveling. When I come to think about this,I could sometimes feel their hardship (though it might not be one for them) particularly when it comes to certain aspects;crossing roads, walking thru obstacles, to get on the right bus, etc.Seriously it is not easy to do those with both eyes closed, yet in the hustling bustling city!

With them, there were some scenarios that gave me the opportunity to lend them a hand and at the same time to share some light moments with them that will cease of myoneliness,boredom and the best, to refresh me with a smile on my face!

Some that I could still recall:

1) On a rainy day, I walked pass 1 old uncle who was sitting at the bus stop. Then, I had a feeling that he needs help and when I approached him, he took the offer. I brought him across the street & while we were crossing he asked about me and I replied, then when I asked his name, I got to know that he's a Malay when he don't like one! With that we both laughed together :) and after that I let him have his own time since he is waiting for his friend there @KL Monorail
What can be seen from this: At times they tend to have to difficulty in asking for help, due to the unpredictable mind of some people, therefore we must be ready to offer a good & sincere favour to them :) If they do not need one, then it's okay~continue your journey

2) On a sunny evening, there was this young lady who was waiting for the bus back home.To check whether the bus to her area has arrived, she turned and asked some people nearby. To my frustration, those people that she asked didn't answer her, instead they were puzzled or (i dunno) I then went to her and asked which bus she needs to get in. Then another Chinese Granny also joined me, we were all having a small chat together. Soon after her area bus came, she was so happy with my company that she thanked me for it. As a result of that~I felt so good,as I really felt her sincerity and I understood what she felt...
What can be seen from this: Always be ready and be at your service, please do not be blur~if you can't understand them, just ask them back.DO not ignore them, really not nice!

3) Okay this one a little bit touching for me, it involves a family of 4. The mother,father & 2 young little sons. It was late (nite) and I was waiting for the bus while at the same time watching them. Then I realised that the father & mother are both visually impaired.Basically they rely solely on the son (6-8 years old) to check on the bus. Meanwhile, their youngest son which is like 1 year over ( it gave me a pain in the heart when I saw that his eyes are also affected-though he is not blind) I just can't seem to explain much about his eyes: it was like the eyes were bulging out and the pupil of his eyes are large that made the white part of his eyes lesser to be seen; he was having difficulty to see the bus numbers. So I went to them, accompanied them till they get on the bus.I felt so,so relieved and at the same time became emotional thinking about them (I know I shouldn't but when I came to think about the kids...)
What can be seen from this: I have seen a lot from it, needless to say as all you need is just a little caring heart

That's what I have been pondering (now feeling so at ease after typing them here)...and I personally hope that in future when my kids are growing up , they shall read this posting and may they get a good lesson from the walk of their mother's life :)

~ahimsa.... :)

Hello Hulu Selangor! :)

A pleasant day, though it was very , very hot!

My activity today was basically more on sight-seeing & shooting with my good friends

The location took place at Hulu Kelang, and at various spots

If you enjoy watching nature, well then I would recommend you to go there to slow & calm down the pace of your life, as though you are at ease while watching the lazy clouds passing by..

Well the town we went, Kuala Kubu Baru, to me does look like Ipoh town and yet it is claimed as sleepy town. This is because you gotta make sure you settle your stuffs there before 6pm, as they close the place early.

Went went to the dam, orang asli settlement, ulu yam village, ulu kalung recreational spot and other places. What a day,pheww! It was really good for me, since I managed to venture many places in just one day! looking forward for more of this adventure later :)
thanks to all my buddies too!thanks for the enjoyment :)

The Dam

On the way to the Orang Asli Settlement

Lastly, the breathtaking lake

That's all folks! :)


A day of... I loved each & every moment of my life

Oooh la la, what a wonderfully hectic day yesterday :)
been travelling here & there all day long, meeting up those who are close to my heart as well new faces too! now that's FUN! :D

Let me keep this posting as one of my journal entry. Since I keep happy, happy stuffs with me, I shall keep this posting as one of them too! :D

I am glad that in the morning I managed to get up after getting ample amount of sleep , knowing that yesterday is gonna be a hectic day :D
then completed some house chores before getting ahead with my journey out

In the morning, I went to meet my good friend, Uncle Wong, whom I used to meet when I worked in Puchong during lunch hour; he owns a vege restaurant. It feels so nice to meet him after a long time; I enjoyed having tea with him and yet he always offer me my fav ABC soup for free :) Usually whenever I go to his shop, he'll get ready with a teapot & cups , then he will sit and talk along with me. Most of the time , he'll advise me to pray and give me some good words of encouragement, and it makes me feel so warm :D
After meeting uncle Wong, I attend my flute class at TFA, I enjoyed meeting my friends and for today we learnt new stuffs: Jathi & thala, as well some new terms :) it was cool
Once done with my class, I went down to Central Market and there I did lotsa things; met my buddies & joined in ARts for Grab where I managed to grab a book at RM20 there, wee! and the book is titled "Eternal India:Folk Dance-Tribal,Ritual & Martial Forms'.
Arts for Grab Event

The book that I got for myself :)

In that happening event, I came across a group of young talented ladies who are into Dollhouse & Miniature making,one of them named Giannigoh(most RIGHT-pic below), invited me to join their group and I gave myself IN! So excited :D
oh I even met one of my funny ,insane buddy wit the name YKK-Yeo Kien Kong promoting his artwork there and gotten myself introduced to Gordon Tan, CM's photographer.

Me with YKK

Gordon & I

Today I even managed to venture on how one can do custom designed t-shirt. Yeap, I got to know that we can put up our design on a silk screen then just stamp it up on the shirt with fabric dye. Cool aite? should thank Shawn(one of the designer in that event) for the explanation& demo given.
Next I got down, met my 'Sifu', none other than Mr.Khairul, who works an artist in Central Market. He as a creative being, can do almost all of these ;sketching, drawing , painting and the list goes on. Well, I like meeting him because I feel free, relaxed and inspired when it comes to us talking about arts ,as well for a little bite of gossips :P LOL!
Next location, my once upon a time fav spot, Old Town White Coffee.Yeap meeting up a good friend-cum-brother there.; Wing Nai from Myanmar. From him, I learn Myanmarese language :) and he likes to care for me too, till he will force me to eat / drink there-and that is his treat. As a result of knowing him & with the frequent visit there, almost most of the workers there know me and they will cheer when I enter the kopitiam, where I will hear "Malaaaaa, how are you?" Nice kan? that's where I felt the warmth too :)
And at 5pm , I went back to TFA and joined in another class, which is the contemporary dance. I met a few new friends in the class too :) and Thank God, the class today went on well! yeap I managed to clear my confusion by personally approaching my sir for the sake of improving myself.

After my class, I ended the day with a visit to Puchong Perumal temple. Over there, I enjoy meeting a priest;for his concern on me. After the prayers most of the time, I will have the habit of observing people especially little kids,babies and even the elderly, as seeing them is a kind of a breather for me, that carves a smile on my happy face too :)
Well that's about lovely & wonderful day that gives me a satisfaction to love each & every moment in my life!


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