Me & my blog =)

Today is my official -first posting here
Well I would have to start up from square one then
However, the introduction of me and the notion of me coming up with this blog, whom I will claim as my life companion, I would state it soon
For today, i will only express how I am feeling today since this is my first posting =)
and also because today is a big day for me
it is a big day because :
1) I will be getting my 'baby' (at this moment it is a suspense) -lol!i am not expecting,ok?
2) I have opened a blog and that is you my beloved blog@!(talking to the blog)
3) Ermm..I have a gathering, kinda special la
4) I know today will be special too-meeting many new people, many new life stories & many new
lessons of life to be learnt
best of all, I am officially a blogger from today!!


Hmmm (thinking hard) wondering what to type ,lol!
blur at this moment
btw tomoro shall be the first posting of my blog,today i just generate oni,
catch me tomoro
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