I thought..and it appeared! (P1)

It was such a great and a pleasant day Sunday and that has made me decided to record it down over here :D yet i guess it's worth for sharing too :)

On this morning after a mini house cleaning, I went off to my dance class. While on the way, I came across an uncle who shares the same date of birth (except the year~LOL)with me and after a little funny chat with him, I continued my journey to my class. Hmmm,but this time ,while I was walking I came to a thinking on something that I really longed for and all of a sudden...it appeared rightaway!!! :D


I WAS thinking of having a pet dog and finally I found one! :D Whenever I pass by the Buddhist temple in Brickfields, I usually will stop by to pop a 'hie' to Buddha and chant a little prayer from the entrance. As for today, I came to see a black four-legged figure tied under a tree. Then a man approached that figure to move it from a sunny spot to a shady one :) seeing that, I went into the temple compound ;near to the man and asked him whether the dog belongs to him. He mentioned that it stays in the temple and the chief monk is taking care of it. Then I asked the man on what he does there (temple), he told me that he works as a cleaner and he's from Sri Lanka (he is leaving end of this year & good for him! his daughter is getting married!). We have got ourselves introduced and we talked more. He told me the dog is named as Edgar & he is young 'kid'. Ahahah!To me,Edgar sounds like a cartoon character yet it's a cute name. I have no idea on what breed Edgar is but he is definitely a very friendly, gentle soul.I had the soul satisfaction when I got the opportunity to touch and share my love with him.Edgar is very well mannered dog.He was taught mannerism by the chief monk, also by the other monks there ( I have to admit some monks there are really good looking & dashing)Edgar knows how to shake his 'hand' with yours and many more! :D I really got hooked to him and I am so going to make frequent visits to the Buddhist temple ; for both Buddha & Edgar! At one point I told Ananth (the cleaner) that I have been longing to get a pet dog as a good companion, but if I were to get one ; I would need to get the space & time (in which I think would most prob happen when I get married, hopefully) So Ananth told me that I am welcomed to see Edgar in the office :D hearing that, I have been given a new hope of getting a good companion. Looks like God has granted one of my wish~

Thanks God~

The 2nd part to be continued in the next posting

HAri OM~
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