Navarathiri : Day 1 & 2

Hie I just got back from the celebration of the 2nd day of Navarathiri.

This year, the celebration has been very special & meaningful for me; personally, it brings out the divinity & feminity out of (from) me...

~On the 1st day, I got up @ 5.30am(supposed to be 4.30am) & cleaned the house , then put up kolams ( a total of 5, including neighbour's house) and for today I got some Ghee to light the lamp @ the mini alter in my little room.

Hmm,Never I have celebrated it in such a way, I should perhaps thank the aunty whom I stay with, she introduced me & inspires me to dwell in the spiritual celebration..It's just I need to get myself a lil' bit disciplined to maintain these for the coming days..(would have to admit it though)

Alright, as for today in TFA they had quite aplenty of performances

Let me documentate those here, do have viewing pleasure and hope that you could too come over to experience the sweetness of arts in divinity

p.s : could only capture shots from today (2nd day) didn't bring my camera along on the 1st day~

Kids Hindustani vocal

Bala Vihar

Carnatic Vocal

Kids Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam ~Ganesha Kautvam

Odissi ~ Sthai

Odissa ~ Mokhsa

Pooja (Prayers)

My good friends ~ Francesca (R) Sara Wong (L)

Eri (Below), Me , Sara, Fran

That's it, for the 2nd day, I really enjoyed it, looking forward for the coming days of the auspicious celebration

Till then ,may God bless all , and may all of us serve all with love & live with peace

Good night~ om shanti


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