Lotus Sutra

Just sharing an excerpt that I came across an interesting blog,

"This is from the current (Winter 2006) issue of Tricycle, Norman Fischer on The Lotus Sutra:"

The Lotus teaches that [the Buddha] appears not from karma, as do all other beings, but due to the "One Great Causal Condition," which is the interdependent nature of existence/nonexistence, a field whose true shape and purpose is love. This is a deep and astounding teaching: that far from being a world of trouble and tears as it appears to be, this world of existence/nonexistence, seen in the light of suchness and lived according to upayais in reality a world of bliss and awakening. But beings don't know this. They are awash in a sea of suffering. Reality's true trajectory is toward relieving this suffering through love.

It seems to me that somehow we all know that love is our real nature and our real goal; we all long to realize this goal, however confused and misguided our longing may be. Being human has embedded right in the middle of it some sense of longing and reaching out for something very, very large, not outside our lives, but as our lives...

Promising days

A little recap on all the good things that had happened lately (few days ago) , starting from the ever wonderful Friday to the amazing Sun!

after having a drama in the office, I headed straight for my Odissi (extra) class, and 2 beautiful miracles came about :)
1) We have gotten our beautiful dance cotton sarees as our dance costume for this coming Navarathiri :) and got a colour that I like :)
2) Me and some of my friends (4 of us) are selected to move/head on to another level, which is quite advanced. Definitely this is a wonderful opportunity yet a privilege for us, and therefore I shall appreciate this blessing from God.

got up quite early in the morning,started off with my first-time-ever journey @ venture to ASWARA for a Dance Photography Workshop by public transport. I managed to reach my destination on time plus I managed to meet up some new friends, and I learnt many, many things too :) and a kind soul offered me a ride from ASWARA up to my arts school! then I joined my Flute class, next had our own practice for contemporary class. After the practice I ran back home, refreshed myself, did an archana for my father it has been the 12th year,since he departed on this date.He is still missed. After a visit to the temple, I ended my Saturday evening with a really good show entitled 'Qismat' with my dance mate @ TFA and then a little service at Annalakshmi, while sharing laughter with my friends .

got up early for the morning prayers,and then the day goes with Kathak class, followed with 2 workshops 1) Introduction to Body Movement & 2) Introduction to Acroyoga ; (shall blog more on the those workshops later!) :) Overall it was FUN especially when we did lots of daring stunts that we have never done in our life before!! then the night has been taken by a dance performance 'Established Malaysian Dance Companies'. My day has been busy, it was a great worth! Time are utilised maximumly ;) so yeah, that about it my busy weekend and
of course,dad you are missed too in the midst of busy-ness.Love you loads.
Hari OM~

Lesson of Life : The mind

a lesson i learnt in my Odissi dance class today - Tuesday, Sept 6th. it all started thru the 'fear' in dance , which has made our teacher to, sort of lecture about it. it's actually good, since I do experience that at times. my fear in dancing comes especially when it comes to Kathak, mainly with the 'chakkars' @ turns. i am still thriving in it , provided with some pointers on how to improve it by my charismatic Kathak teacher. however, my fear also comes at the wrong timing that will make me go out of my mind, yes, I did experience that lately. well, let's not focus too much on fear.the fear comes when your mind is not in a correct frequency, you should control it, and not let it take control of you. let's just say, if you are scared to do a particular step and you find it hard, rather you see the negative side of it, let's just take it as something which is do-able and imagine the satisfaction you get when it is accomplished.most importantly PRACTICE, that's the wonder - of getting yourself familiarised & comfortable with the steps. so less worry ,soonafter. :) and yes when my teacher mentioned about it today, my inner being actually responsed automatically to what she said about the mind that (may) conquer you.in the end , it is part of the learning process,and we gain the knowledge & experience, towards a beautiful life ahead. Hari Om~

Beauty of Life : Radha Matha

a wonderful day, with wonderful opportunity. on the 5th Sept-it's Radhastami, I had the opportunity to bathe Radha ,in the form of Lakshmi, morning before I went to work. also managed to chant for the merciful one.Well Radha ma, I am still thankful to have you with me, last time when I was caught up in a funny trouble, you blessed me. I do remember that, a secret that is kept between you and me(probably part of Krsna lila'). Your presence is beautiful, especially you as the manifestation of love :) and here you go, a samarpana on your appearance day, my simple artwork of and for you :)

Life Inspiring : Blessing

Met this unusual soul, which I have known & ignored for quite sometime. However, today I shared a few words with him since I bumped into him. As usual, he starts up with his humorous talk added with some classical Carnatic songs, and next he came up with some questions. Soonafter I have replied him, he surprisingly gave me a remark that actually has made my day. He, with a smile on his face told me that "You are a blessed soul" and I, was clueless at first, for he came up with that faith-giving words when I actually, really need it the most. Well, I am pleased to take it as a humble blessing, and I clearly know that blessings do come in disguise and also that I am never alone ;) Hari Om~

Life Inspiring : Motivation

For the past few days, I would have to admit that my days + state of emotion was not balanced. Somehow yesterday on Saturday ( Sept the 3rd) , an element of change came thru' the way. My morning is started with me joining my good friend in a mini pooja for Krsna and next, attended my classes thru out the whole day. However when it comes to the 3rd class, I was spiritless + disturbed ; thinking of ways of not going for the class (confession of mine) . And THEN, as I was hanging out with my wonderful dance buddy (which was far much more elder to me) , she came to speak about her LIMITED body ability in dancing : poses , movement, etc due to aging factor [though she's remarkably active in many activities ; various dances, yoga , pilates, and god knows the rest :)] I was touched , especially when she mentioned that 'young' ones like me should achieve more, when we have the ability, that indeed sounded like a 'Varaprasatham' to me. Yet she added by saying, "do it today, do not go for tomorrow, we don't know where we would 'be' tomorrow! (yes,we do hear it often, but the effect don't come together,unless when the time 'comes'). BUT today, I think the time has come, for me to just 'dive-in' rather 'submerging', and yes I did it, it made me patted my own back (rewarding the good faith in me) . I managed to pull thru' the spiritless me and persevered while doing my learning +corrections in my contemporary dance class. My teacher said " No Pain, No Gain" so true as it is , plus the timing was just so right!the pain gave me such a good pleasure ;) though there are more learning + practice to come. Hmmm, in the end of the day , I learnt, if you do not try , you may never know! So just do it ;) and I would need to thank my dance mate, cause I am unsure if there'll be a tomorrow for me, but I am glad that I have finally updated my blog after a year of break! Hari OM~
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