Dheena Dharani

As per request of my dearest sister, Thenmozly akka, let me share the song 'Dheena Dharini' that mesmerizes my soul with it's melody & it's serenity :)


Hari Om~

(New) Friends + Wedding = Unique experience

Just got back from a wedding which I was 'not really' invited, went there in a group, of an earlier known + (2) new friends. These new friends of mine are not just mere guys, they are classical dancers, which by looks they do not look like one! Wow! these guys are so, so inspirational. I was introduced by one of my TFA friend, while they waited for their class , which eventually got cancelled today. I suppose the guys should be over their 40's, yet they have got the time to dwell into their passion in dance. I dedicate my respect to them. We end up talking about dance, music & spiritual matters (Great minds think alike,ahaha!)

Next, we went to Shantanand Auditorium & checked out a wedding , since it's a malayalee (mixed) wedding. And yes I did find out that it is quite distinct from the other weddings that I have attended before. The bride is from Malaysia & the groom is from Kerala. The bride is a young talented shy girl who performs on the veena & as well a vocalist. Glad to see my beautiful dance teacher there too, who was actually on-call for her duty! I find that the deco is mainly based on the Kerala Malayalee style, esp with the use of coconuts & it's other properties (interesting!) next we watched the performances which are mainly on the different ethnics of Kerala ; malayalee, muslim & christians, later all combined in a piece known as 'Kerala Sundaram'~the dance was really , really entertaining & it was so rich :) and at last, the song in a vocal performance that I was really intoxicated during Navarathiri 'DHEENADHARANI' (composed by Swamiji), I heard it again today & the best part of wedding is they gave a new twist for the function by surprisingly asking the bride (whom she herself a vocalist) to sing, though she was unrehearsed, all the singers on stage (as well as my dancer teacher) has captured the heart of mine with the lovely rendition.The food was totally good, a set of 9 dishes on the plate + sweets + malayalee payasam+ cakes + juice (vegetarian cuisine) , that really filled me up! :) Then when passed the main lobby, I saw the exterior deco was Purple themed, from the drapes to the kolam..and that makes me imagine how mine shall be.. :)

Overall, it has been a wonderful day with a new experience of meeting new friends , attending 'unique' wedding that is so classy yet cultural.I am loving it~

God blessed the married couples, whom will be settling down in Europe


God shall bless all :D

Hari Om~


a brief posting for today...

~happy that I managed to catch up with the last day of Sashti prayer,early in the morning (5.45am)

~It is my (late) father's 57th birthday,love you loads appa!I have you in me, always I will :)

~My good friend,Puvanan has left to Abu Dhabi :)

For all the good things that happened today, I am thanking God
may all be blessed in their own special way..

Om Shanti~
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