Navarathiri : Day 3

Today I managed to wake up before 6am, that was the best effort that I could make since I slept late. It turns out to be a good day ; drawing up kolam, then to listen to some devotional / spiritual tale from the aunty, and a simple hearty breakfast-thosai. After all those, my whole day goes to rehearsal ; kathak, flute & comtemporary.
Today , I had my flute performance ~ it was indeed a good experience for me to perform for the first time on stage, moreover an instrument performance. Thanking my Sir for the wonderful opportunity & for his great patience~
Below are the happenings of the day in the walk of my life, Hari Om

Kolam & lights ~ good to see & feel their presence @ the door step

Bharatanaatyam by children

Bharatanatyam by the ladies

Flute~ Varnam

Odissi ~ Maha Kali



Arati (Prayer)
TODAY has been a wonderful opportunity to learn & do new things

Hope that all these good things showers & benefit all

Om Shanti~


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