Navarathiri's Finale : Day 8 ,9 & 10 (Vijayadasami)

Alright, to continue my posting on the auspicious & special Navarathiri...let's start off with the..

8th day(FRi) : I am off to the Sarawathi 2nd day pooja, then work and next to Central market to grab some stuffs for my guru offering. From the town, I went back to TFA to watch the performances of the night as well to do a lil' practice on my own in the studio. Afer all those, I got back home & yes it's time to get charged up for the next BUSY day! The day of our Kathak performance! ;)

9th day (SAt) :Went for the Pooja in the morning, oh my... how beautiful was Saraswathi in her white saree.. next, watched the morning performances @ the auditorium, where my flute master did his vocal performance, followed by other performances, and at the same time I ran out halfway to join in the Kanya Pooja @ Kanni poojai at the top most floor of TFA. Well, this is the 1st time I am witnessing one; seeing kids in their traditional clothing + jewelleries + makeup and that their appearance were depicted as the goddess. They looked so cute. They were first taken arathi, next they were offered prayers followed with feeding session(only by the ladies-it's girls affair,it seems)>>lotsa food!!,at first the little girls were excited but the whole bunch became tired of eating,LOL! However I managed to feed them too!something light>>payasam. After the pooja, I got back home and rested for a while..after that got back to the auditorium for Kathak rehearsal, once done with the rehearsal,I went back home,refreshed and off to the studio for make up session.Vidhya did for me the make up, it was FUN though :) Then we camwhored a bit in the studio, before we get to the auditorium to get our feet dancing on the stage. On that day, I am thankful that my good (funny-can't escape this) companion came down to watch the performance, it was good of him to record a video on our dance.Thanks to Rames, his good deed has brought happiness to all of us since we have something as a memory. After our dance, we watched other dances and turned out,the LAST piece for the night was truly special, bombastically divine that it gives you the shiver, titled Omkara Karini by the graduated dancers of TFA. In the end, we finished it with arathi and me & my gang managed to get some shots of memory with Vidhya,my Kathak guru & lol!even with my funny companion :P

10th Day (SUn) : It's Vijayadasami! The day is dedicated for all the wonderful gurus! I went up to the studio to meet my flute sir~after giving my offering, he taught me a new jantai (No.9) at first it was challenging yet tricky but it was nice to try out something new since this day is the day where you shall learn new stuffs and get blessed by your teacher(s). Next after meeting him, I went down to the auditorium to see 2 of my lovely pretty-in-blue gurus, yeap it's Dhanya (contemporary)& Vidhya(Kathak)! they looked good in their blue sarees! :D and the day turned out to be more special when it blooms with Vidhya's birthday! We then learnt a new steps from Aahmad and gotten blessings from them. Then we camwhored! :D wow! what an inspiring day that also brings us close to our gurus. I shall cherish this day ;D I am thankful to God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to learn arts + meeting up wonderful being thru out this inspiring journey of arts :D and on that day, it turns out to be open house in annalskshmi, we ended the day with good lunch there!

God bless all :D

Stay happy & achieve your dreams...

That's all from Navarathiri 2010~

Credits to ramesstudios for the video!may this video remain as one of the best memory for Navarathiri
2010! :D



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