the beginning & fulfillment

A cool day indeed, it rained. managed to accomplish my utmost important task; to send amma's upcoming birthday gift via registered postmail & a Christmas card to my neighbour in Penang :) work went well and at the same time enjoyed a happy conversation with my girlfriends(ex-schoolmates) via e-mail thread!FUN! :D after work, i had a quick dinner & joined up my first art activity with the artistic being, and yes i painted (after quite some time MIA)... :D erm it's not with acrylic or oil, but it's mural paint.first time i came in contact with this type on paint(pic below; paint stain as a memory).not bad :) it looks good when it dries up, its matte in soft/strong/metallic tone ;) i managed to do some observation on his concepts & ways of design; they were so wondrous & brings you back to the classic moment of the royal & ancient era. btw, i am happy too, for this morning 1st day of Marghali, i got up after 5.30am, out of a great effort, then drew a (complicated) Kolam, ermm let me name it as twisted Lotus (pic,as above), coz it actually twisted my brain while doin it,lol! :) and yes ,tomo shall be another happy day as it's our Secret Santa gift exchange day in my office,lol! okay then that's all for today :) Hari Om~


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