WOW : Sky + Art

"WOw!" that's the word that could tell it all, of what i have felt today :)
the evening was wonderful with a breathtaking view of the sunset; when i saw the soft peaceful blue sky..with the silvery white cluttered clouds enveloped with the gentle ray of mystique golden was so captivating that i realised another person, a man, noted it too, and then the other part of the "wow!" story continues with this particular person.. :) ahdgadgagdadgadgadgiagiugdsiugddadh;ah;ah;hhaidhiadyiayaidypaidydyap as i was really thinking of the word 'PROTEGE' and watched a video of a child protege today, i actually DID came across with one(a protege,as claimed), and it's the man who was watching the sky at the roadside(eventually he is handling a major art project) He.....A brahmin born in Sri Lanka but based in Chennai (India).He looked mysterious with the artistic vibe around him , from the 1st day I saw him at my usual hang out spot. An artiste in visual arts ; heard that he designs, paints, draws and a lot more. Yet a low profile man as he was so shy & declining the statements on his talent when they were 'publicized' by others.Yep, I was pretty impressed and I think it is my destiny of meeting artistic shy guys around,LOL!coz he's not the 1st one :) then i had a little time to talk with him before it was interrupted by the presence of a third person. Thank god, that i have at last had the opportunity to have a few words with that talented man :) can't wait to meet him again :) yeap i have offered my help in his major art project, woot! by the way his nickname has the word 'padma', that is indeed very significant to me, as it means lotus in Sanskrit, whilst i was told that the meaning of my name is a flower too,by his friend,an old uncle. Anyway, hope that my artistic journey shall be blessed & blooms beautifully all the way :)with the presence of this talented man.Hari OM~ :)


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