Earth Hour 2010 @ Lot 10 Rooftop,KL

It's good to be back ,to be back for good
and that marks the time to do good
Yes! it is THE TIME
The time to give some care to our beloved mother nature (whom I personally call her as Bhooma Devi)
In my personal opinion,she ought to get the same respect as how we get them too, hence She deserves the rights too
I am not going to focus on any not-so-positive aspects over here
let me just express my wishes for her
Especially for the coming 'Earth Hour 2010'

I believe that She will be blessed and yet it feels so good & blessed to be gifted with Her!
I took her as my own mother,and give her the respect & care as much as I could (wish the others would do the same-those who has the similar mentality as me)
May all in this world spread PEACE and LOVE via humanity and let us Grow in/with Her productively
Last but not least..May she be happy and all the living entities on this planet Earth be HAPPY and live with Gratitude and POSITIVITY

I thank Mother Nature for the space she provided me to live,learn,dance...... and for every breath that I take.Thanks for the inspiration that I gained from you. Thanks for everything..God bless you,mother..

So looks like I will be going for the celebration tomorrow in KL.Looking forward for a good time with Her and of course with some of my LOL Buddies.Cheers all!

God Bless All !
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