A day of... I loved each & every moment of my life

Oooh la la, what a wonderfully hectic day yesterday :)
been travelling here & there all day long, meeting up those who are close to my heart as well new faces too! now that's FUN! :D

Let me keep this posting as one of my journal entry. Since I keep happy, happy stuffs with me, I shall keep this posting as one of them too! :D

I am glad that in the morning I managed to get up after getting ample amount of sleep , knowing that yesterday is gonna be a hectic day :D
then completed some house chores before getting ahead with my journey out

In the morning, I went to meet my good friend, Uncle Wong, whom I used to meet when I worked in Puchong during lunch hour; he owns a vege restaurant. It feels so nice to meet him after a long time; I enjoyed having tea with him and yet he always offer me my fav ABC soup for free :) Usually whenever I go to his shop, he'll get ready with a teapot & cups , then he will sit and talk along with me. Most of the time , he'll advise me to pray and give me some good words of encouragement, and it makes me feel so warm :D
After meeting uncle Wong, I attend my flute class at TFA, I enjoyed meeting my friends and for today we learnt new stuffs: Jathi & thala, as well some new terms :) it was cool
Once done with my class, I went down to Central Market and there I did lotsa things; met my buddies & joined in ARts for Grab where I managed to grab a book at RM20 there, wee! and the book is titled "Eternal India:Folk Dance-Tribal,Ritual & Martial Forms'.
Arts for Grab Event

The book that I got for myself :)

In that happening event, I came across a group of young talented ladies who are into Dollhouse & Miniature making,one of them named Giannigoh(most RIGHT-pic below), invited me to join their group and I gave myself IN! So excited :D
oh I even met one of my funny ,insane buddy wit the name YKK-Yeo Kien Kong promoting his artwork there and gotten myself introduced to Gordon Tan, CM's photographer.

Me with YKK

Gordon & I

Today I even managed to venture on how one can do custom designed t-shirt. Yeap, I got to know that we can put up our design on a silk screen then just stamp it up on the shirt with fabric dye. Cool aite? should thank Shawn(one of the designer in that event) for the explanation& demo given.
Next I got down, met my 'Sifu', none other than Mr.Khairul, who works an artist in Central Market. He as a creative being, can do almost all of these ;sketching, drawing , painting and the list goes on. Well, I like meeting him because I feel free, relaxed and inspired when it comes to us talking about arts ,as well for a little bite of gossips :P LOL!
Next location, my once upon a time fav spot, Old Town White Coffee.Yeap meeting up a good friend-cum-brother there.; Wing Nai from Myanmar. From him, I learn Myanmarese language :) and he likes to care for me too, till he will force me to eat / drink there-and that is his treat. As a result of knowing him & with the frequent visit there, almost most of the workers there know me and they will cheer when I enter the kopitiam, where I will hear "Malaaaaa, how are you?" Nice kan? that's where I felt the warmth too :)
And at 5pm , I went back to TFA and joined in another class, which is the contemporary dance. I met a few new friends in the class too :) and Thank God, the class today went on well! yeap I managed to clear my confusion by personally approaching my sir for the sake of improving myself.

After my class, I ended the day with a visit to Puchong Perumal temple. Over there, I enjoy meeting a priest;for his concern on me. After the prayers most of the time, I will have the habit of observing people especially little kids,babies and even the elderly, as seeing them is a kind of a breather for me, that carves a smile on my happy face too :)
Well that's about it..my lovely & wonderful day that gives me a satisfaction to love each & every moment in my life!




giannigoh said...

Hi, Mala, is me gianni.
Nice to meet you and
my mail is giannigoh@hotmail.com, thanks.
oh ya, hope can see you be our member someday.
come and join us at http://dmaom.blogspot.com and leave your email at the message box there.

I also will join the pipit wonderful market on this 13nov(saturday,12pm til 8pm), same place. Hope can see you again. ^^

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