Last Saturday I attended an exam for a job under the SPA-Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (Government Sector based). I woke up early in the morning and made my way to KL then to Maluri and at last to the exam hall. It took me about, near to 2 hours to get there since I was travelling by bus. When I got there, the place was congested with people and that made me waiting for the lift with a big crowd. So I climbed up stairs to the 6th floor, my exam hall is there. There, I got into Lecture Room 10. Then there it was the 5 funny, scary and don't-know-what-to-comment exam papers.

Well, I sat for 5 types of exam,and they were:

1) General knowledge & Latest issues

2) Problem solving & critical &logical thinking

3) Reading comprehension- Malay and English

4) English essay

5) Malay essay

Time passes real fast for all the exams.By the way, the exam starts at 9am and ended at 4pm. Thanks to the Pengawas Peperiksaan, he seemed to be calm and friendly, so i don't feel tensed; he was responsive and smiling all the way. In overall in enjoyed doing the exam =)
meet many new people and out of them I met one man, he's name is mi (Fuzaimi). He was a kind fella as he borrowed me his blue pen (well it was silly of me of bringing more pencils than bringing more pens) Once I am out of the exam hall, i just can't stop laughing and smiling,hahah!!I also don't know why....perhaps happy that it is over...
However, i am keeping HOPE that I shall get this job
Oh well the job is known as PTD-Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik
sounds cool to me
Well as how I said before, i keep up the HOPE and go on with my life...
Who knows the coming future posting, there might something that I can post more and good about this (hope u understand this)

The birth of my.....blog

I was looking thru some pictures in my folder and came to see some snapshots on this particular day on the 31st January =)

This was the day i planned to come up with my blog, and at last I did it. I created my blog in the office as I was working on that Saturday. Seriously, this was the much awaited day...
Well for this my credits goes to some beings, who, inspired me and (1) pushed me to do blogging. Ahaha!!will reveal those people later.Btw for this time being I just post some pictures on the birth of my blog =P

Creation of DPL<<divinepurplelotus>>...in the process...

it has been created,at last!Gosh!!

now gotta type out a posting..hmm..no idea and yet have to think hard to come up with one..then i decided to type on whatever I am feeling at that moment..so there I am

There it is my hubby...my blog

p.s:I call my blog as my hubby because he is there as my companion and he's where I live,talk and walk my life with..

Well that's all for today, next posting, I will come up with those who inspired and also pushed me to blog.



glad to be back...
been busy all these while due to website development (my work place)

Ok, Basically I have planned up so many things and agendas to post over here
but please permit to go with the flow, according to my frequency...

nowadays busy.....

once the Malaysian Book of Records for our company is launched, there I'll be-hopefully frequent posting over here

looks like my blog so far looks plain ...let me add an image on it

since it's my first picture...let me upload a very auspicious one...

Hmmm, well this is Lord Ganesha (cute aite?)

One of my good companion

and I have gotten him as a gift from a very special and inspiring person of my life...

i believe that whenever you talk to him (not only subjected to him,others also can) , he is there to listen, it is kind of nice to have him with you...a good companion as previously said..

So with the posting of his picture on this post, I will be back with more pictures..more stories, more on the walk of my life...

till then...God will always bless you...whoever you are...

The beautiful day of tomorrow...the Valentine's Day

Since till now I have only posted 2 postings>>gosh,pity my blog-it's time for me to get back to it.

Well let's jump direct to it :)

Tomorrow is a beautiful day, a beautiful day that almost everybody celebrate
BUT ain't it funny?
Celebrating LOVE as special just for a particular day?
hmm, at least thanks to Mr.Valentine ,who, at least has made LOVE as something memorable for a day,as LOVE is nowadays ceasing from the human value and less appreciated due to many consequences.

ok, tomorrow... for Valentine, I actually expected my Prince Charming to invite me out, but...
my Mr.Romeo is ...ermm I think he's busy
so I will WAIT for him

you must be wondering who could that be>you might know him or you might even not


A gentle soul HE is :)
He's so LOVEable :)

but he's heart is so DEEP to be predictable and yet so unusual

guess that now you might get to know the emo part of me even though i haven't disclose my identity and my background yet

sooner i will...slow and steady

by the way,since my Mr.RaMEo didn't ask me out, I am not frust with it
I am happy that I still have my mother,the kids at home, my friends, even God with me and also everybody :)

so,tomorrow I will be out for a date with my friend and at the same time get my D60 working ;)
yeah i'm gonna get some good valentine shots ;)

ahahah!tomorrow my date is called as "Taugeh Date"

so,let me go for the date first and then I wil update,ok?

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