A visit from a loved one….

What a day, what a heavy rain! Pheww! Just got back after my replacement class .Today’s class has made my spirit & enthusiasm heightened, thanking my Sir for the encouragement & his utmost patience.

Oh yes, when I returned home, at the doorstep I came across a visitor who just came over to show his presence. Yeap, it is the seasonal butterfly (that’s what I call it as); which you will see not so often and after few days, sadly you will find it lifeless on the ground…I have been seeing them (a lot) when I was in the varsity.

I believe that their presence has a significance whereby the departed ones make their visit by this kind of return. Moreover when they are close to your place or area. To some, it might be ridiculous but not for me. This is because each & every particle of nature has its own way of revealing its mystery and that is the beauty of it. So I assume that it might most probably be my late father paying me a visit! It gives me joy that feeds my hunger of longing and to keep him close to my heart. It is a magical experience that brings you closer to nature and to feel the abstract love. **all smiles**

To my dear dad: Thanks for the visit.I do feel your presence, and do not worry, I shall take care the treasure that you loved the most, amma…

Just wonder if all in this world, experience love in such a way (those who are skeptic not included).I would think that the nature will find a better growth thru the respect given and people shall all indirectly spread love, abstractly indeed!

Believe in nature, believe in love..


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