Deeper Conversation ~

God is simply great today for giving me really wonderful blessings! Yeap, this morning i thought about the talented man whom i met yesterday, and coincidentally he appeared right infront of my eyes when i was rushing to my work,wow! that is the power of visualisation :) SO there WAS a purpose of me waking up late today ;) next, i was so,so excited to get my things done in office, just to drop by @ his work station, and yes, i did. Together we went for a cuppa & there's where our conversation goes deeper and he started to open up about himself. He's married with 2 kids, aged 45 (unbelievably, he looks so young that i guessed it as 32@34) LOL!then he revealed the story of the PROTEGE in him :) yeap at the tender age of 2 he started to draw on his own and seeing him being potential, the dad had decided to teach his lil' son ARTS. Plus, his dad is also in vocal, hence he's also absorbed into it. The conversation went on & on..Indeed,he is a lucky soul to have experienced this ;) . He is born with it, and as for me I am SEEKER who needs to discover it, perhaps it is my KARMA, who now my journey has started, i am glad that i have met him..hope that he can guide me thru & again i am thanking God for having me meeting this adorable soul. Tomo, i shall start it up with him, yeap i am lending a hand to his major art project, also the time to do some learning and to have good fun too! HARI OM~ *************************************************************************** p.s: above is the trial@ testing of my Marghali kolam, simple one , swirly LOTUS to mark the blooming of a beautiful life :)


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