Malar - the blooming lotus...

and the lotus is back to the surface
after being drowned - an absence of 3 years (of blogging) - here I am
to bloom & keep blooming

the few rustic years of being away , has been a phase of trials in letting go
after a fall is time to get up, rise & walk
to keep walking...
walk on & move on..

with this  - here is a soulful song of my current favourite with meaningful,lovable lyrics
dedicating to those who are silently going thru the trials & tribulations of moving on ; depression, losing someone dear, in need of a different perspective in life,etc
time to face the reality : loss & change, are inevitable 
it is Okay to feel gloomy,in the blues - eventually this too shall pass, as nothing is permanent
so embrace the lovable you (yourself) & have a great life ahead 
much love ...

Piano | The Mountaineering Club

I dont want to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders but it's hard to let go.

I don't want to worry, I dont want this sadness in me. 
It is eating me alive.

I know there is nothing I can't lose and make it alright, does that mean that I....
I wish I could tell you about all the things that I feel, but I'm scared - come, and turn me off. 
Saw a light in my eyes.

I wish I could carry the weight of the world on my shoulders like you all..
If I..I wish I were stronger, 
I wish I was able to love 
I kiss you...goodbye

p.s: always love yourself, 
      you are here for a purpose - find & know that purpose 
      for someone will always need you, and so do you...


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