Little Buddha

Just watched a very beautiful & enlightening movie - Little Buddha
i am inspired
no much words to say for now
perhaps a memory of it would be this link of Keanu Reeves as Siddharta
getty images - Keanu Reeves as Buddha

i loved it! :)

Fun with Pita Pizza (15-Minute Cheater’s Pizza)

by WIFFY on MARCH 9, 2010

15-minute cheater’s pizza using pita bread

Ever since I discovered making pizza the cheater’s way a year ago, my family had stopped relying on pizza delivery. My 15 minutes short-cut pizza – using pita bread (instead of making pizza dough from scratch) and readymade sauce (such as pasta sauce) – comes to the rescue whenever I crave for pizza but have not much willpower to cook. There were times when I’m so laid back that I don’t feel like going out at all (that includes going out for meals), and I just want to relax at home doing “nothing” – meaning indulging in passive activities like watching a movie or playing console games. Lazy times warrant lazy fixes. I want something fast to prepare (5 minutes), easy to cook (10 minutes), easy to clean up (get someone else to do it hehe) and at the same time, not too shabby.

A slice of mushroom pita pizza

Even though these pita pizzas are a short cut, we find them decent and in fact, comparable if not better to the ones that we ordered via delivery (but maybe we’re just biased hehe). And this is a great way to serve a quick meal any time of the day (lunch, dinner, supper) and even for one person (I like to make a mini pita pizza if I’m home alone or suddenly hungry).

Hawaiian pizza on wholemeal pita bread (before being baked)

I’m definitely not denouncing the proper & traditional way of making fresh pizza dough and sauce – I love eating them especially at authentic Italian or Mexican joints. But since the quality of home delivery pizzas are pretty blah (to me) most of the time, I like this cheaper, yummier and easy alternative when I’m home. And I’m having lots of fun experimenting with all kinds of pizza toppings.

Vegetarian pita pizza (bell peppers & olives)

With the following basic step-by-step recipe, you can try out different pizza flavours by experimenting with ingredients on your own. If you discover any creative ideas for pizza sauce & toppings, share your recipe with me at the comments section :) Stay tuned for my recipes for the different pizza flavours featured on this page – they will be posted as individual recipes on the blog and the links will be compiled at the end of this post.


1) Pita Bread

Pita bread comes in different sizes and thickness.

Most of them can be stored in the freezer compartment for many months and you just have to thaw them before using. You can use tortilla too but that’s another post ;)

2) Sauces (Base)

Mushrooms pita pizza using Campbell’s cream of mushroom (instead of normal pizza sauce) as a base

Besides using pizza sauce, you can also use tomato-based pasta sauce. You can also go creative by experimenting with other sauces such as bbq sauce, pesto and even cream of mushroom.

Freezing excess pasta sauce in ice cube tray

Here’s a tip for you if you can’t finish a bottle of sauce at one go – I freeze the excess sauce in an ice cube tray so that whenever I need to make a pizza, I just thaw one or two cubes in a small bowl for use. Once frozen, you can store the cubes in an air tight ziplock bag in the freezer. If you are using pizza sauce or any tomato-based pasta sauce, do note that the tomato sauce will likely stain your ice cube tray. I purchased a S$2 ice cube tray from the thrift store (Daiso) just to freeze the tomato sauces because I do not want to stain the ice cube trays that comes with my fridge.

3) Toppings

You can use nearly anything for your pizza toppings. You can come up with a theme (such as Hawaiian, Japanese, vegetarian, spicy) and see what creations you can come up with.

Some ingredients (such as ham, pineapple & bell pepppers) do not need pre-cooking while some (such as seafood) will benefit from pre-cooking before being used as pizza topping.

Don’t forget the cheese. The most popular cheese for pizza is mozzarella cheese. You can use other types of cheese such as cheddar, parmesan and romano, or a combination. They need to be grated or shredded before use (or you can buy pre-shredded).

4) Tools

You need an oven to bake the pizza and a flat oven-safe tray (I use a cookie tray). A toaster oven might also work if the ingredients do not need pre-cooking; you just have to make sure all the cheese melts. You also need a pizza cutter to slice the pizza.


1. Place a piece of pita bread (I am using 13 cm/5 in wholemeal here) on a flat oven-safe tray (I am using a cookie tray).

2. Spread some pizza sauce (you can also use tomato-based pasta sauce which was what I used in this case) evenly over the pita bread using the back of your spoon.

3. Add toppings of your choice (I’m making Hawaiian pizza here, and hence the pineapples & ham), followed by a layer of shredded cheese (I am using mozzarella here), followed by more toppings over the cheese.

4. Bake in preheated oven of 200C (392F) for roughly 10 minutes, or until the cheese has melted. Serve with tobasco sauce and grated parmesan cheese if you like.

Ref :


PIZZA DOUGH (Can be used for both grilled and baked pizzas)
1 package yeast or 2 teaspoons fresh yeast
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup warm water
4 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon five spice powder
1 1/2 tablespoons canola oil
1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
1 3/4 cups warm water

In a small bowl, mix yeast, sugar, salt and 1/4 cup warm water. Let stand 5 minutes until foamy. In a mixer with a dough hook, mix flour and five spice powder. While mixer is running, slowly pour in yeast mixture, oils and the rest of the water; knead on low speed for 8 to 10 minutes. Stop mixer when the dough forms a smooth and firm ball. Divide dough into 6 balls and place on sheet tray lined with parchment paper. Cover with a cloth and place in a warm part of the kitchen; let balls double in size, about 2 hours. Working on a floured surface with floured hands, take one ball and spread out with your fingers to about 5 inches in diameter. Take a floured rolling pin and roll out to a little less than a 1/4-inch thick. The final diameter will be 8 to 10 inches. On a low grill, brush on a little canola oil and mark one side. Brush oil on the raw side and flip. Immediately place toppings and cover with a lid to help retain the heat and assist the cheese melting process. Carefully watch the pizza. If the grill is too hot, the bottom will burn before the pizza is ready. If this occurs, you can place the pizza on a tray and use the broiler of an oven to finish the melting.

The following recipes are good for 2 pizzas.
Canola oil to cook
1 tablespoon minced garlic
1/2 tablespoon minced ginger
2 large red onions
Salt and black pepper to taste
2 cups sliced shiitake mushrooms
1 cup sliced yellow zucchini
1 cup sliced green zucchini
2 tomatoes, thinly sliced
1/3 cup Thai basil chiffonade
2 cups grated mozzarella cheese

In a hot wok coated with oil, stir-fry garlic, ginger and onions. Season with salt and pepper and cook until onions are caramelized. Add mushrooms and zucchini and stir-fry until soft. Check for seasoning. Place filling on top of a grilled pizza dough. Cover with tomato slices and basil. Cover with cheese.



Study Finds Being in the Present Moment May Contribute to Longevity
Laura Hamilton

Spiritual traditions have often touted the benefits of mindfulness and being in the present moment. It leads to greater peace and happiness. Even scientific studies have confirmed that present moment awareness can help reduce stress and even improve blood pressure.

According to an online article from Waking Times, a new preliminary study at the University of California, San Francisco takes this idea further, suggesting a link between mind wandering and cellular aging.

The study focused on DNA telomere length, which is a biomarker or indicator of overall bodily aging. Shorter telomeres indicate aging while longer telomeres suggest greater longevity. Research test subjects included 239 middle-aged women from 50 to 65 years of age.

Study Results and Implications

Study volunteers underwent assessments regarding their behavioral tendencies: whether they had a tendency to remain in the present moment or let their minds wander. Present moment awareness was defined as mindfulness or being focused on the task at hand. Meanwhile, mind wandering was characterized by thoughts being elsewhere and not in the present.

Practicing mindfulness or attention to the present moment has shown numerous benefits for health and well-being.

Overall findings showed that those women who reported greater mind wandering had shorter telomeres while the opposite was found for women reporting more present moment awareness. In addition, those women with greater focus on the present also had lengthy telomeres even when taking current stress levels into account.

According to these results, the implications suggest that being engaged and focused on the present moment coincides with longer telomere length and therefore slower aging and increased longevity. There are still unanswered questions however. Does mind wandering lead to the development of shorter telomeres or do shorter telomeres cause more mind wandering?

Telomeres and Aging

Telomeres are more than just a biomarker for age. They work closely with human genes and DNA. Our DNA is our unique signature, telling us who we are genetically. Telomeres are the protective caps on our DNA strands, keeping them healthy. Every time a cell divides and replicates in the body, the telomeres lessen a bit. Age we age they continue to shorten.

Research also indicates that both physical and psychological stress can affect the length of our telomeres, causing them to shorten. Scientists at UCSF have also discovered that shortened telomere length can predict disease and mortality. The goal for health, anti-aging and longevity is to keep telomere length as long as possible.

Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness or attention to the present moment has shown numerous benefits for health and well-being. In light of this current UCSF study, it may now also benefit telomere length. This paves the way for promoting mindfulness meditation to enhance longevity.

In fact previous scientific studies have shown that meditation interventions increased the activity of telomerase, an enzyme that influences the behavior and development of telomeres. Telomerase helps to protect telomeres and may even replenish them. This seems to build the case for present moment awareness affecting the body on a cellular level.

Mindfulness meditation interventions help people to learn about their current thoughts and emotional states while practicing awareness. Mindfulness is not only about being in the present moment, it also considers personal acceptance of the moment without judgment or expectations.

We learn to be observers, remaining focused on our inner well-being rather than the outcome of external influences. As Elissa Epel, PhD, associate professor of psychiatry and the study’s lead author says, “Our attentional state – where our thoughts rest at any moment – turns out to be a fascinating window into our well-being.”

As a result of the UCSF study, further investigation of mindfulness meditation intervention and its effects on telomeres is warranted. Epel and several colleagues at the university are creating a series of mindfulness classes to explore this idea.

Forrester, Michael. (2012, November 19.) Breaking Study Is The First To Show Link Between Being Present In The Moment And Ageless DNA. Waking Times.

Source :

Quick snack

Bread Paneer Rolls Recipe
Adapted from some recipe of Nita Mehta's, I think. 
Makes 4 rolls


1 cup crumbled paneer
1 small onion, chopped fine (I should have added this!)
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/4 tsp powdered cumin / jeera
1/2 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste
A small bunch of coriander, chopped fine
1 tsp or a bit more tomato sauce / ketchup
4 slices of bread
Butter to toast
Salt to taste

How I Made It:

Place the crumbled panner in a nice bowl. Mine is from Ikea, thanks for asking.

Add the red chilli powder, garam masala, salt, chopped coriander, chopped onion, and jeera to this. 

Mix lightly with your finger tips. 

Then add the tomato sauce or ketchup and the ginger garlic paste. 

Blend again with finger tips. Set aside while you prep the bread.

Remove the crusts from your bread. Use the regular white commercial variety. 

Roll out each slice as thin as you can. Commercial bread will have tons of leaveners in it so you get to do this quite easily. 

Place about 1 tsp or so of filling on one end of the rolled out bread slice. 

Gently roll in from one end, making sure that the filling stays well within the first turn of the roll. 

Go ahead and roll it all up. 

Repeat with the remaining bread slices. 

This step may be unnecessary but I remember the book mentioning it so I did it. Wrap up the tightly rolled bread slices with filling in a clean, damp kitchen towel. I used my cheese cloth, folded over twice for enough thickness. 

Set aside for about 15 mins. I think this makes the bread moist or something, no idea why we would do this otherwise. If you omit this step, let me know how that turns out, won't cha?

Now, butter up the rolls well on all sides. 

Lightly roast in a pan until all sides are browned. Cut up and serve with tomato sauce. Don't they look lovely? 

If you have store bought paneer in the fridge, then this can be put together in minutes. Imagine a fun evening cooking this with your kids or even better, wow-ing your guests with an appetizer that hardly took more than 30 mins to make. Its easy to do a bulk batch of this too. You can also cut up the rolls into smaller discs, stick a toothpick in, and serve it as a fancier appetizer. 

Source :

Enhancing Positivity During the Holiday Season

by Laura Hamilton (

The holiday season is in full swing and that means lots of bustling activity and happy times. Parties, shopping, entertaining and all sorts of preparations are on the list. While this can be a great time to celebrate and connect, it can also be quite challenging.

Many people succumb to stress and depression at this time of year. Even the most positive people can be affected by negative thoughts and energy. This is a perfect time to enhance your positivity!

Holiday Challenges

The holiday season presents extraordinary challenges. There is a great deal of pressure around preparations and deadlines. Some people thrive on the numerous expectations of the season, but many people feel stressed.

It usually starts with thought patterns and attitudes. If you find yourself saying things like: “I have so much to do, I’ll never get it all done” or “I’ll be glad when the holidays are over, “ stop and take a moment to regroup. Change your focus and reframe these thoughts.

Remember that the holidays are meant to be a happy time. Amidst the hustle and bustle we forget to actually take moments to enjoy the season.

Say to yourself, “I am getting a lot accomplished” and “I have time to enjoy the holidays.” While you may not actually feel that way, keep practicing. Continue to adjust those negative thoughts and put a positive spin on them. Eventually it will become habit and you’ll start to feel better.

The same goes for your relationships during the holidays. You might experience family challenges. Perhaps your spouse isn’t helping out enough or you dread dealing with relatives at this time of year. By all means, discuss issues and ask for help, but also look at your thoughts.

Are you seeing these situations in the negative? Are you anticipating the behavior of others to be difficult? Reframe your thoughts in these areas too. Say to yourself: “My spouse is ready to help” and “I can deal with relatives in a more positive way.” Keep practicing and you will see small changes in your attitude.

Holiday Happiness

Remember that the holidays are meant to be a happy time. Amidst the hustle and bustle we forget to actually take moments to enjoy the season. How silly is that? Although it’s easy to get distracted, slow down and take a positivity break every now and then.

If you are out shopping, take a break by stopping for lunch or a hot chocolate. Be sure to spend that time focused on the break and not getting back to the list. Put a bubble around the moment and don’t allow any thoughts of shopping or chores to get in. Focus on the present, not the “presents” right now. Being in the moment gives you a chance to recharge and boost your positivity.

Also take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. Go for a walk to look at the neighborhood lights and decorations. Listen to some uplifting holiday music. Reminisce over positive events of holidays past. Keep your attention focused on these joyous little things rather than holiday traffic, bills and rude shoppers.

Wrap It Up

While your busy giving gifts, why not give the gift of positivity to yourself and others? Practice thinking good uplifting thoughts and sharing them with others. If you like, imagine each happy thought as a brightly wrapped gift box. Visualize those boxes going out into the cosmos, waiting to be opened and shared by those needing a positive boost.

Continue practicing your upbeat thinking. By constantly striving to keep a positive attitude it will show. Those around you will sense this newfound energy and appreciate it. In fact it will become contagious! You will inspire them to enhance their own positivity and carry it out into the world. What gift could be better?


In Hinduism, the river Ganges is referred to as Gaṅgā

Gaṅgā is worshiped by Hindus who believe that bathing in the river causes the remission of sins and facilitates liberation from the cycle of life and death. Pilgrims travel long distances to immerse the ashes of their kin in the waters of the Ganges, bringing their spirits closer to nirvana.

Bhagiratha prayed to Brahma that Ganga come down to Earth. Brahma ordered Ganga to go down to the Earth and then on to the nether regions so that the souls of Bhagiratha's ancestors would be able to go to heaven. Ganga felt that this was insulting and decided to sweep the whole Earth away as she fell from the heavens. Alarmed, Bhagiratha prayed to Shiva that he break up Ganga's descent.

Ganga arrogantly fell on Shiva's head. But Shiva calmly trapped her in his hair and let her out in small streams. The touch of Shiva further sanctified Ganga.

As Ganga travelled to the nether-worlds, she created a different stream to remain on Earth to help purify unfortunate souls there. She is the only river to follow from all the three worlds – Swarga (heaven), Prithvi (Earth) and, Patala (netherworld or hell). Thus is called "Tripathagā" (one who travels the three worlds) in Sanskrit language.

*taken from online source

How to Live a More Spiritually Fruitful Life

extracted from PSYCHICS UNIVERSE

Living the Spiritually Devoid Life

The fast pace of everyday living, while being necessary at times, is something that can stifle us spiritually. Because we are so concerned with paying bills, buying extra goods, and sticking to a set schedule, our own sense of spirituality ends up neglected. This fact leads to depression in many people who find themselves wondering what their purpose is in life and whether they will ever be happy.

The saddest part is that most of these people don't think that happiness is a realistic or achievable goal for them. They accept that happiness comes every once in a while but they cannot even fathom the idea of contentment. This attitude is truly detrimental to their individual growth and is a concept that has been perpetuated throughout modern society.

All hope is not lost! There are several steps you can take to increase your spiritual growth and invite a feeling of peace into your own life.

Be Mindful of Yourself, Others, and That Which Surrounds You

Slow it down for a moment. Take the time to appreciate what is around you. Appreciate the people you see every day because some day you may no longer see them. Respect them for what makes them special and for bringing themselves into your life.

If only for a few minutes a day, observe the things you see regularly but never pay much attention to: the way trees draped in green leaves slowly sway in the wind, how you communicate with others, the way they communicate with you, the silly smile that creeps over your lover's face when he or she looks at you, etc. Devote extra attention not only to others but to yourself as well!

Aim For Growth

If there is something you do not like about how you handle issues, work to change that. Do not change yourself for the sake of others, but work to fix your problems if something bothers you. If you have anger issues, reduce outbursts by: 1) being aware and 2) turning your energy into something more productive or creative.

By transferring energy typically used to express anger into something that helps you, you not only reduce your rage but also replace it with an act that encourages spiritual growth. Do not ever tell yourself that you can't improve because that simply is not true.

Look at all the people who have overcome self-esteem and anger issues. This goes for physical complications too. People have recovered from accidents that harmed their brain thanks to the concept of neuroplasticity. This is the brain's ability to "rewire" itself to such a degree as to make up for problems within it.

Making improvements to your lifestyle can also lead to a change in brain chemistry. Our brains are magnificent computers, and we can use our own minds to repair them!


There are so many different disciplines that emphasize meditation and prayer that it's hard to know where to begin. No one can tell you what works best for you. It is up to you to discover this.

Prayer is most common within religions, while meditation can be used by those who do not have any set religion or do not believe in a higher power. Both can be used to ground you and reconnect you with the feelings of God, nature, or whichever concepts you wish to facilitate a bond 


So often we underestimate the power of laughter! Laugh when you can, let it fill your soul with joy. Laughter has the ability to convey happiness and influence the happiness of others.

Making yourself laugh while in a bad mood can also completely change that mood. Do not hesitate to smile at the absurdity of life, and especially smile when you least feel like it!

Om Shanti~

to be back


it has been a very long gap of time
that i have dropped a post here
and that now i am back,
i shall get back to you my blog
my little friend


Dilemma : Cold & warmth

In a dilemma ;

your presence day by day becomes cold , to a frozen you

meanwhile a warm passionate being came about

to soothe & calm me down

i told about 'you' to you- the frozen you


you snapped

and told me about 'me'

i didn't accuse you on anything

i happened to tell you what i see, which you may not realise

but in return you have made me hurt

that it made me shed my tears

thinking how can you be so straightforward when you

utter about yourself, in your own point of view


not in expressing your feelings?

we have known ourselves for 4 years

don't you know how soft is my heart, to get cold hard words from you?


why is it so hard to tell your feelings when you are a social butterfly?

anyhow, i have slowly opened up to other options & opportunities

and i do not know with whom i am fated to be with, or maybe not...

I am hoping for the good ...

God bless..

hope one day u can show me some emotions

and i hope it would not be too late for the 2 of us..

take care love...

decision : not yet

30 April 2012

It has been a month over since we last met.
reason : busy

The meet comes in a form of improvement
my heart felt it
my likings, my interest, my desire
was somehow taken in account
i was surprised
for real

expressed , but not in-depth
in general

can't look into the eye, for some time
it gives some kind of feel, deep down inside
but in the eye , I can see
the feel of 'want'
pardon me, if it's not..
but i saw it, felt it too

it was a rare thing
that you listened to me,
for each & every words i uttered
as you never do it last time
and that is why i started to become quiet
when it's not my nature, to be as such..
i let you speak
and i listened all the way...
and now i don't know how to talk you
as i am accustomed to silence..

the attention you gave,
the time you spent ,
still surprised me
it's a new you
i see

the decision is yet to be made
whether to share the half of me with you
let's see how the
etches it...

till then, i will enjoy the company of you as
my friend...

Celebration . Family away

Looks like Tamizh + Vaisakhi + Vishu New Year comes hand-in-hand this time, hence it shall be the celebration Of Hindu/ Indian New Year this year ;)

My day starts bright, with New year prayer, Devi's bath, the completion of my work backlog in the office
however in the evening, as I was returning home, I feel things around me a little quiet..
everyone has gone out , either to temple or for outing/dinner with their family
and at that point, little did i realise that I am missing my family and Penang buddies so much

So ,let the feel in this posting goes to them
let them know how much they are all loved
this shall be part of my realisation too..

Hari Om~

Divine transformation : 1

under the Divine energy

i am now moderating & modifying the 'Me'

uniting myself with Lord Shiva

the mesmerizing One

the One who stands tall with Nandi

the One who took the heart of Shakti



At this time .
going thru a major life change experience .
definitely for the betterment of my life.

i Believe
i Hope

Om Shanti~

life according to mala

another year has begun, life's refreshed.
have got many plans arranged up ahead, looking forward for the challenge + accomplishment
* career change, new possessions + commitments, travel plans, relationship (maybe - if the time comes, god knows who could that be - i leave it to fate)

1 thing for sure, I need to be serious & sincere with things, for a smooth flow of course
yes, I am ready for it - for the new refreshed me
and sure it would feel so good
i need some challenges and ready to gain experiences
though my new year was dramatic, but it was good - i learnt my lesson & I thank God

most importantly , one need to be thankful to God, for it has the magic in it,and one day you will know it
looking at the brighter side of life makes me feel so,so good (:
and as Swami Sivananda has mentioned, life should be lived without any expectation + forget unwanted incidents/stuffs/ person- unnecessary worries can suffocate you..
live in love + humility = peace

simplicity + minimalist , shall be my mode & mood of this year.

that's about it, it's time to live & celebrate life

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