Hello Hulu Selangor! :)

A pleasant day, though it was very , very hot!

My activity today was basically more on sight-seeing & shooting with my good friends

The location took place at Hulu Kelang, and at various spots

If you enjoy watching nature, well then I would recommend you to go there to slow & calm down the pace of your life, as though you are at ease while watching the lazy clouds passing by..

Well the town we went, Kuala Kubu Baru, to me does look like Ipoh town and yet it is claimed as sleepy town. This is because you gotta make sure you settle your stuffs there before 6pm, as they close the place early.

Went went to the dam, orang asli settlement, ulu yam village, ulu kalung recreational spot and other places. What a day,pheww! It was really good for me, since I managed to venture many places in just one day! looking forward for more of this adventure later :)
thanks to all my buddies too!thanks for the enjoyment :)

The Dam

On the way to the Orang Asli Settlement

Lastly, the breathtaking lake

That's all folks! :)


A day of... I loved each & every moment of my life

Oooh la la, what a wonderfully hectic day yesterday :)
been travelling here & there all day long, meeting up those who are close to my heart as well new faces too! now that's FUN! :D

Let me keep this posting as one of my journal entry. Since I keep happy, happy stuffs with me, I shall keep this posting as one of them too! :D

I am glad that in the morning I managed to get up after getting ample amount of sleep , knowing that yesterday is gonna be a hectic day :D
then completed some house chores before getting ahead with my journey out

In the morning, I went to meet my good friend, Uncle Wong, whom I used to meet when I worked in Puchong during lunch hour; he owns a vege restaurant. It feels so nice to meet him after a long time; I enjoyed having tea with him and yet he always offer me my fav ABC soup for free :) Usually whenever I go to his shop, he'll get ready with a teapot & cups , then he will sit and talk along with me. Most of the time , he'll advise me to pray and give me some good words of encouragement, and it makes me feel so warm :D
After meeting uncle Wong, I attend my flute class at TFA, I enjoyed meeting my friends and for today we learnt new stuffs: Jathi & thala, as well some new terms :) it was cool
Once done with my class, I went down to Central Market and there I did lotsa things; met my buddies & joined in ARts for Grab where I managed to grab a book at RM20 there, wee! and the book is titled "Eternal India:Folk Dance-Tribal,Ritual & Martial Forms'.
Arts for Grab Event

The book that I got for myself :)

In that happening event, I came across a group of young talented ladies who are into Dollhouse & Miniature making,one of them named Giannigoh(most RIGHT-pic below), invited me to join their group and I gave myself IN! So excited :D
oh I even met one of my funny ,insane buddy wit the name YKK-Yeo Kien Kong promoting his artwork there and gotten myself introduced to Gordon Tan, CM's photographer.

Me with YKK

Gordon & I

Today I even managed to venture on how one can do custom designed t-shirt. Yeap, I got to know that we can put up our design on a silk screen then just stamp it up on the shirt with fabric dye. Cool aite? should thank Shawn(one of the designer in that event) for the explanation& demo given.
Next I got down, met my 'Sifu', none other than Mr.Khairul, who works an artist in Central Market. He as a creative being, can do almost all of these ;sketching, drawing , painting and the list goes on. Well, I like meeting him because I feel free, relaxed and inspired when it comes to us talking about arts ,as well for a little bite of gossips :P LOL!
Next location, my once upon a time fav spot, Old Town White Coffee.Yeap meeting up a good friend-cum-brother there.; Wing Nai from Myanmar. From him, I learn Myanmarese language :) and he likes to care for me too, till he will force me to eat / drink there-and that is his treat. As a result of knowing him & with the frequent visit there, almost most of the workers there know me and they will cheer when I enter the kopitiam, where I will hear "Malaaaaa, how are you?" Nice kan? that's where I felt the warmth too :)
And at 5pm , I went back to TFA and joined in another class, which is the contemporary dance. I met a few new friends in the class too :) and Thank God, the class today went on well! yeap I managed to clear my confusion by personally approaching my sir for the sake of improving myself.

After my class, I ended the day with a visit to Puchong Perumal temple. Over there, I enjoy meeting a priest;for his concern on me. After the prayers most of the time, I will have the habit of observing people especially little kids,babies and even the elderly, as seeing them is a kind of a breather for me, that carves a smile on my happy face too :)
Well that's about it..my lovely & wonderful day that gives me a satisfaction to love each & every moment in my life!



You are simply special...

It is time to let out what I felt for the past few days

After hearing news on the sudden passing of loved one(of others) in tragedies, I gotten myself in the state of shock.However,I personally know how it feels to be losing a person who is very dear to you, and I suppose most of us do feel that too. As to my good friend,Sophia who has just lost her dear sister,Florina in the recent accident.My condolences to her: may Florina's soul rests in peace. Even to Uncle Chiew who left(accident) on the 21st April, may his soul blessed with peace...
As an effect of hearing cases after cases, I came to a thinking that all of us should actually love one another as though as there will be no better opportunity later; yet to love unconditionally. This is to make sure that there's no words left unsaid and no love left unexpressed. Let it all out, get the joy out of it and live with the memory.

To those whom their loved ones has departured, this song I dedicate to them

for they are truly special to one's heart....

one of my most fav song by my fav artist,Adibah Noor; very meaningful & soothing track

oh btw, I just got to know that the song above; the lyrics was personally written by Adibah Noor(singer of the song) and it's dedicated specially to adik Nurul Huda(10 years old) who was raped & murdered brutally 6 years ago. God bless her soul..Also thanking the good souls out there, who sheltered warm love to those who departured, and may this Earth is also filled with the warm unconditional love as well.Life shall be beautiful as it will always be...


Forest + Africa

A wonderful weekend I had!
Oh yes I do :)
Especially when it is cherished with nice-to-be-with buddies; both old + new friends!

On Saturday I went to FRIM with a happening couple,to name them- Poobalan & Thenmozhy. Initially planned as a picnic, but as we went there and we got ourselves more into hiking and jungle trailing activity. After done with it , we call it a good day with a unique cup of Malay tea + chit chat with a new buddy + and yeah!camwhoring! of course, we did shoot all the way until my battery dried out!LOL!and FYI this was my first time trip to FRIM, that also means I am planning to go there again :)
Gratitude: Poobalan bro, Then sis + Radzli(new friend) for the good time together!
Meanwhile for today, it is definitely the lovable fun-day Sunday :)
I was gifted a surprise that comes with a package of great FUN!!!FUN!!GREAT ONE!!
As usual Sundays would be my classical dance lesson day, so I was wearing a traditional attire
and to my (so called) horror, when I reached the dance studio I realised that there is NO kathak class as it is replaced with the 'African dance + music' workshop. However, I was encouraged to join the workshop! At first I felt not so comfy but when the workshop started, all those feelings drifted away and FUN came in all the way!!! the dance is way too magical , though it is totally new for us, we all shared great laughter while uncovering the stamina within to sway along with the drum beats, oh FAST drum beats!LOL!The best& worthy part of this workshop is that I managed to learn African dance + music from here itself,LOL!
Gratitude: Olivier Tarpaga, US (Origin-West Africa) + TFA for the lovely workshop!!

that's all for today,more to come in the next posting! :D

ahimsa :)
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