life according to mala

another year has begun, life's refreshed.
have got many plans arranged up ahead, looking forward for the challenge + accomplishment
* career change, new possessions + commitments, travel plans, relationship (maybe - if the time comes, god knows who could that be - i leave it to fate)

1 thing for sure, I need to be serious & sincere with things, for a smooth flow of course
yes, I am ready for it - for the new refreshed me
and sure it would feel so good
i need some challenges and ready to gain experiences
though my new year was dramatic, but it was good - i learnt my lesson & I thank God

most importantly , one need to be thankful to God, for it has the magic in it,and one day you will know it
looking at the brighter side of life makes me feel so,so good (:
and as Swami Sivananda has mentioned, life should be lived without any expectation + forget unwanted incidents/stuffs/ person- unnecessary worries can suffocate you..
live in love + humility = peace

simplicity + minimalist , shall be my mode & mood of this year.

that's about it, it's time to live & celebrate life

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