Desiderata (Revealed)

what would one need in life?

if I was asked the question above, I may not know the answer


definately I know what I need

and....this is it

All I need is to:
*make my family(mom,dad,niece,nephew) & my another family happy
*get a simple job that is just nice for me to live with
*be in peace all the time and to spread it all around
*meet the God within me and to bloom in divinity
*be in love with my other half for all my life;and I shall value him as my God-gifted-gift:husband
*be blessed with lovable kids (as talkative like mom /shy like dad @LOL-LOL-LOL!)
*live and grow with nature as she is also my mother!
*do more & more RAK(Random Act of Kindness) all the way and anywhere!
*get to know new friends whenever I travel and to keep a good contact with them; that gives
me the inspiration to smile & talk more =HAPPY!
*be active in my lifestyle and to live with burning spirit & optimism
*be more artistic!in dance, artwork even in the way I live my life
*cherish unforgettable moments of euphoria with my remaining good friends
*get God and Angels read my "Desideratum' (as above) and to bless me :D

To end this posting, let me end with this lovely clip that I really fancy very much :D



i (personally) think that i have to make a posting before the day ends, a simple posting

**may i dedicate this posting to uncle Chew who passed away on the 21st april-11pm (in a devastating condition)
may God bless his soul...

to be honest ,i am currently recovering from the shock of his death and yet saddened with the matters that follows throughout the last moment of his..

april 21 marks as one of the most unforgettable date, .......

May Lord Shiva blesses his soul...

Om Shanti

Blessing thru divinity & friendship

Been an awesome week last week!

Oh how I felt so blessed in so many ways.. :) Thank God

Okay, what did I do over the last weekend?

On Saturday morning,I attended my classes ; both my Contemporary dance and flute class.I perceived lots of inspiration!A mantra that I managed to unearth from those classes is : PRACTICE!I realised that if I don't put that mantra into practice,it would bring me nowhere. Best of all, I had good FUN attending those classes! I shall as well thank God for blessing me with all the convenience and enthusiasm that I own now..and in the evening, I had really really nice time with the LOL Gang at I-City in Shah Alam.Lots of lights!!!flickering,blinking,sparkling and showering colourful lights all over!
Next on Sunday, a spiritually blessed day where the LOL Gang ; Mahendran,Puvanan,Pushparaaja,Sundra,Me + Rames & his family members drove down to Kuala Selangor for a Thiruvizha. The Thiruvizha @ prayer is done once in a year by the village @ estate folk as an offering to a deity known as Nageshwari. The deity was in such a calm & divine state, Om Shanti. Oh yes, we had good food too! Banana leaf food!After the Thiruvizha, we all left Kuala Selangor with happy memories and to head on with the coming week.

So may all enjoy the coming weeks thru the blessing gained and also with lovable friends! Sure there would be many fond memories to collect and to be kept,just like what I am doing here :)


A simple and yet a wonderful day today..God bless!

Me enjoying some time on my own,hihihih!!
Since I will be having my replacement class today :D
I shall share this unique video of contemporary Kathak piece that would serve as an entertainment and also as a source of inspiration for budding dancers out there!

A lil quote to share as well:
" DANCE as if no one is watching.
Sing as if no one is listening.
LOVE as if you've never been hurt"

So let's all LOVE and DANCE your life towards happiness & peace :D

1st April, me a free bird :)

A pleasant day today :D..a day of me out of work,into a peaceful atmosphere..

Spending more time with me,myself...and lesser hype (vocally) since I DO talk a lot in the office..and now left the memories of the pictures taken yesterday. Yes and me end up being SILENT-literally untalkative..huhuh!!

By the way,yesterday 1st April was my last day in Asia Media (Puchong), never I planned for a farewell as I am totally out of mood though I am all excited!!! :D
ME and my colleagues + an office mate just had a simple lunch together @ McD, after that we got hyped up when we got ourselves immersed into the action of CAMWHORING,LOL!.
I am so happy to get to know that they are also POSERz :D

We did our shoot both indoor(office)& outdoor(playground)
it was really FUN!!

The Dudes (L-R) : Glenn, Ng, Tony and Fadzli

The Ladies : Aisyah, Me and Indryana

Indoor Camwhore!

Outdoor Camwhore!

Glenn has given me a heart touching artwork, which I simply requested (never knew he will take the effort to grant it)It is indeed very sweet of him :)
Thanks Glenn! Us from L-T: Fadzli,Ng, me, Glenn, Indryana & Tony

Whereas Indryana has also impressed me with her love thru the gift that she gave me, it is a chain with beads pendant (cute doggie).Awww!!! I am so going to miss them..I sure WILL!and I am already missing them now!!
Green: Indryana's & Pink: Mine :)

Anyway for all those who made the farewell a MEMORABLE one.Thanks a lot! You all shall be remembered and may God bless you :)
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