Hope & Bunny...

Hie introducing to you BUNNY :)
He is just 6 months young :)
Of recent, he was unwell, very unwell...I even thought that he would not make it
despite that, I just kept some HOPE for him to get well
but it looks like keeping some hope was worthwhile & to my surprise he got well!
He made it!!
and now he is COMPLETELY WELL!!
So keep some HOPE, it can benefit you without you realising it ;)
God bless him and everybody :)

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

In conjunction with the release of GOGP today, let me post something on it.
Our client, Twentieth Century Fox lately organised GOGP SMS Contest
Whereby I have chosen 20 winners who will get 2 tickets each to watch the movie
and out of those 20, 9 lucky winners with best slogans will get GOGP merchandising, such as

The tickets (40)

T-shirts worth RM123

Notebooks priced RM105

Notepads at the value of RM32

Well congratulation to the winners, may they get entertained & happy to enjoy the moments with their loved ones.God bless :)


Have you ever wondered of the unaccomplished tasks, or unexpressed feelings that you have never gotten the chance to let out?

Well if it's so...it is now time to appreciate the days you are gifted to live with, to love the ones that you care for and to fulfill your ambitions, as well as making others happy & to bring great peace to the world. (before it is too late)

"Life is so delicate; we are hanging on a breath"...


Missing you.... the Unusual YOU.....

Even though today is a busy day added with additional responsibilities, I am so happy that I have completed my tasks just for the sake of stealing some time to do this posting

I humbly dedicate this posting to the late Yasmin Ahmad, one of my great source of inspiration...

she would definitely don't know who I am, as well my whereabouts
but there's something that made me adored this wonderful person whom I don't even know personally
and it's her POSITIVITY, her unique character (I am so loving it!) that created a great admiration towards her

is A person whom I would call as the most UNIQUE, as she always be....

the way she blends in her creative & critical thinking in cultural perspective where she brings out a harmonious diversity, it's just way too awesome

She is really gifted with great personality"& creativity but in the terms of good health, she's not..hmmm

I got to know about her when I first watched a wonderful movie that she has directed titled 'Talentime'. Before that, I wasn't aware of her existence even though I have watched many of her TVCs, especially Petronas Festival Ads; which I will be waiting every year, especially when the festivals are just around the corner.

Looking back at all the memories that she has left (the ads,movies and also her blog) with us....
I would thank God for gifting us such a wonderful gift.
Thru out her 51 years, she has given out her best
In my humble opinion she is an ambassador of Peace, a gentle soul
with great creativity
and she is irreplaceable....

Rest in peace, dear Yasmin


Last weekend, I had great fun DANCING in the Bon Odori Festival
It was my first time of trying Japanese cultural dance
also looks like this weekend I would get connected to Japanese Dance again, but this time it's more to contemporary (my fav)

I will be attending 'IT IS JUST ME COUGHING' performance at the Annexe Gallery (my usual weekend hangout spot) on Sunday

It is presented by The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur & Dance Asia &
supported by Asahi Beer Arts Foundation

Well below is a lil' info on the performance:
“It Is Just Me Coughing” is a contemporary dance performance featuring prominent Japanese artist, Zan Yamashita. Based on the haiku poems of Housai Ozaki, “It Is Just Me Coughing” interpolates Zan Yamashita’s physical interpretation of Ozaki’s haiku as the texts are projected onto a wall."

This dance is: Directed, visualized and performed by Zan Yamashita.

Sounds interesting kan?

I will be there to see how the interpretations of Haiku are made, physically.
Moreover, poetry and dance-what a good match, I so hope I won't miss this..
Zan Yamashita in performance. Photo courtesy of The Japan Foundation KL

Chill Out

This week I planned to attend the Japanese Bon Odori festival in Shah Alam and spend the rest of my Sunday for a lil gathering and also for my arts tutorial.

By the way, this would be the first time of me attending a Japanese festival. Will see how it turns out to be. I am looking forward to dance there, ermm hopefully..

Ok then, for those on holiday, ,enjoy it!
Do something that relaxes you..that brings you to a paradise & don't look for trouble, leave it aside.
Chill out!

Wedding Galore......

Lately I have been invited for a few weddings, mostly of my friends
So happy to see them settled...
With that, I dedicate this posting to those who have tied their knot
and also to those who are planning (well I do have some advanced invitations too)
A happy & blessed romantic, wonderful marriage to all of you all!



BAck again with more story of doodle-ing...

Doodle? for what?
I suppose people love to doodle when they feel bored; just to entertain themselves or to satisfy the itch of their hands,LOL!

But in my case, I enjoy doodling coz it satisfies my eyes,hands & also soul: no matter how the quality@ outcome is...

Way back in my uni life, I doodled on my room's wall. People say I 'vandalised' the wall but I liked it coz it makes me feel cozy and warm; it makes my mind relaxed & wander...hmmm
most of the time it feels so at home,looking at all those drawings...

I express myself thru doodles, and most of the time I love to draw eyes.
Why Eyes? I also dunno why..
but one thing for sure, Eyes is one of my fav pick for "doodle-ing"

Here are some of the doodle-ing that have accompanied thru my 3 years of uni life
aww,what a memory..now the drawings are no more..(due to renovation), they would still remain one of my most fond memories...

haha!an attempt to draw Aishwarya Rai


Emo eyes

Doodley Dum Dum

Hie I am back,it has been quite long since I last blogged

In this posting, let me show you some kiddy kiddy thingy of me,hihihi!!!

Ahaha! yeah after a long time I did my doodley dum dum...

yeap yesterday,I was bored till it made me grab my sketch pad and sketched something on it

well it might look funny for some but for me it portrays my mood =)

to doodle,I enjoyed it; it gives a feeling of content as it enables me to flow my mood & feelings out

try it out then you will know...

with this posting I also attach a famous quote too...

that's all for today =)

Men always want to be a woman's first love...
Women have a more subtle instinct...
What (they) like is to be a man's last romance.

~ Oscar Wilde~

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