Dance baby Dance :)

this posting acts as My journal for today, :D

Been a hectic and tiring day today!
I worked till 7.11pm, then from office I rushed to TFA for my Kathak replacement class
On the way, I passed thru night market and I realised that majority are indians there especially non-locals...what to expect Brickfields ma :P
it also feels like I am not in Malaysia, ahaha!
Couldn't grab anything at the pasar malam..coz i was longing to enjoy a cup of 'chaya' @ tea + lite meal; I enjoyed having Mee Siam (Vege) and Tea! :)
On the way to my class, I actually bump into this particular uncle/grandpa from TFA, whom I feel so warm of seeing him and even when getting a smile from him, and there seemed to be a mutual respect that I harbour on him though I have never shared any words with him..he reminds me to my late dad and my late grandpa,hmmm.....

In the class today, as usual we started with strenous practice in the basic footwork (tatkars) coordinated with the taal, next variations in tempo and rapid turning movements/ spins (chakkars) and ended with theehais and spinning exercises. Seriously, I really enjoyed the class today ! though I attended it after work, I never felt stressed or even tired :D instead I felt so inspired yet refreshed! yes i sweated too, a lot after so long!! we too had fun in the class, glad that it was a friendly environment!

For my reference**
To improve: my turnings- need to focus on the point and then turn!head is the first
,body is the LAST!

That's all for today ! :)
Enjoy the videos below and enjoy dancing peeps :D
ahimsa..... :)

My Motherly Instinct...

Simple posting but lotsa LOVE in it :)

After work this evening while it was raining, I walked out from my office passed KL Sentral and then made my way to the bus stop. Since it was raining heavily I rushed to get a shelter nearby the bus stop and there I made a little observation while waiting for the bus for 1 1/2 hour.

I came to see a mother holding her little baby boy, asleep, close to her chest..and at the same time watching over the little one rested next to her breasts. After some time, she gave the little one a light peck on his forehead ..and all the while, the little one snugged up so comfortably that it makes me feel so at loved! Oh she was then accompanied by her husband who made a sudden entry..LOL!and yes, he too was admiring their sleeping baby :D

How blissful it is to see such a scene ...which is full of love and care..
and How it would be of MORE, if one experiences it personally?
Yes, seeing that, it actually made me travelled thru my arsenal of thoughts...
* How would I be when I become a mother?
How many children would we have?
and how would they be loved by us; me & my husband?
How would they grow?
and how would the love flourish and bloom more and more? *
yet,I am kinda excited to hold our baby close/next to me...give him/her the warmth of love..sing a little lullaby, lightly or even talk & talk lots of story , and even dance while cuddling him/her, LOL! Oh what an imagination! anyway let all those to come by when the right time approaches
but till then I will observe, learn and shall spread more Love all around :D


God bless : Further Note...

I would start today's posting with a humble gratitude towards God for blessing my day today

To 'summarise' on what had happened today.....

I woke up & got ready (very) early...LOL! even had the time to draw a Kolam at the doorstep! Then got myself on a bus after 7am and reached KL Sentral by 8am.Managed to grab some time to sip on a cup of Milo at a mamak restaurant and at the same had the pleasure of watching some Tamizh song clips on Astro. Stepped into the office before 8.30am, met my Admin Manager;he briefed me on my tasks and the contract. Then I was introduced to my team mate-Suzanna. Suzanna and me seemed to click well too! Thank God I met her, but it is not gonna be long since she'll be leaving next month, end. Then I was briefed again by another staff from US Base via conference call. As for lunch, my manager gave me a treat, he was so sporting that he opted for a place that serves vege food in KL Sentral; hence we went to the 'Swiss Oven' and had (God-knows-how-big&hard) tasty and healthy sandwiches + juices.For the whole day, I ended up getting exposed to the company's database to get familiarised with it. For me, it was fun and challenging! Best of all, I was welcomed humbly by all :D

However on the other hand, I missed my previous workstation whereby it was way more happening when all of us made noise like nobody's business!!!ahahahaha! and now I really need to get used to the brand new environment where I need to sustain myself in silence (no heavy music) and to face the screen all the time.Ahahah!however that doesn't matter , I still will get back my Walkman from Sony Centre (hopefully soon) and soften the volume then enjoy doing my work.Lalalalala!

Oh I also realised my current colleagues is discrete than of the previous; the designers (previous) and software engineers (current). It is of TOTAL DIFFERENCE! Seriously! Now I am missing those fellow designers and hell yeah, designers are super cool yet happening! But still engineers are also cool in their own way too, I kinda like their seriousness,LOL! ahahaha! :D

Okay, let me end this posting by again thanking GOD and all for the support . Hope that everybody shall be blessed in every good deed they do and may more GOODness spread all around and make this world more lovable! :D

P.S: I am now working in a US software company :) and this time with Software Engineers (deep in my heart,missing the Designers!LOL!)

God bless...

Tomorrow shall be the first day of my new career, hoping the good and colourful ones for me. At the same time, I am also feeling excited because there are loads of new lessons to be learnt yet I am ready for it. May god bless me and shower me with happiness. This is not only for me but for all, when all are in joy, I shall be too!


A life that brings me to life : ) AmmA

I would like to scoop an opportunity here to dedicate this love-sealed posting to my ever beloved mother...

and now to my humble,flowerlike Amma, let me tell you something that has been stored in my heart all this while..

"I am now far away from you...and you are lonely there..I am so sorry that I could not do much(except to contact you via phone) ...and being away from you has also taught me a lesson>>and that is, one (usually) only values somebody when that person is no more or away...needless to say-Appa is no more and you are far away, whilst me over here feeling so,so lost that it made me longed to be with both of you...remembering those happy moments when you,me and Appa used to have together* it gives an ache deep in my heart-wondering why is it all for temporary? *leave it*

Ever since Appa left, I taught myself to be grateful in having you...for you are such a bold & strong being..seriously you are! cause it is not easy to bring up 3 unmarried girls after husband's death-and it is also not that simple for a typical housewife to cope up with it..but despite all the hardship,you did it!! One of your daughter has got married and now you have 2 wonderful grandchildren to accompany and to entertain you :)

I appreciate you for all of these..
* to be soft-humble hearted, and very,very patient (you just don't get angry- I rarely see that too)
* an obedient and loyal wife (as how you were to Appa)
* very self-sacrificing - you eat the old stocks of food whereas you give us the fresh ones & you will only sleep after (a long wait) any of us-the siblings return home late though you,yourself is very tired and sleepy
* to respect and not to waste food- I do that too Amma :)
* not to be ignorant and not to be lazy- to be aware on any fallen stuffs on the floor and then to handpick them by bending down instead of using your foot to pick them.
* taught me to wake up early to get to the market /to put up a kolam at the entrance of the house
* guide me on how to do smart shopping at the groceries and not to waste money
* teaching me how to cook! (I am learning ,still)
* taught me Tamil (esp in writing & reading)
* you are my inspiration to be an artistic /creative being: I know you loved knitting, sewing, gardening, flower arranging, as well to venture other arts& crafts-house deco
* very hardworking- all the housechores ,all done by only you when you are in such a condition!
* very gentle, loving and caring (introvert) - we rarely show our love & care to each other directly, but deep inside I perceive it mother..
* very peaceful being- to mind our own business and to help others when you need to
* a brave being you are in bringing up the 3 of us + the 2 little ones- all by your own!
* you have made me become a nature lover- when we used to stay in the kampung,you will wake me early in the morning, bring me to sleep at the riverside nearby a little forest and then you told me to enjoy the view of the green to feel fresh and to get pretty looking eyes!:D
* being a sporting being - you have given us the authority to choose our own life partners, and being honoured to get the trust, I will get a good one that he will make you happy :)
and the list goes on.....

For the 25 years (till present) of living my life with you Amma, I am thankful that I have met you, thanks for showing me what and how it takes to be a woman,daughter and a wife...and on top of that, thanks for being my mother, my Angel and my Life!"

Happy Mother's Day...

Om Shanti ...

A Mother's World :The Anil Journals

An excerpt that I would like to share; taken from the book 'A Mother's World' under the story of 'The Anil Journals'

The Sanskrit word for mother (matra) as well as Greek (meter) are also the words for measurement.
Thus, mathematics was once called "Mother Wisdom".

(all-healer) and Hygeia (Health), were the daughters of Mother Rhea Coronis, the Cretan universal mother or Great Goddess of old. Both goddesses are mentioned in the Hippocratic Oath
~MB & PM~

I dedicate this posting to all the mothers out there... :D


My personal touch with pets...

shot taken by Kok Pin during my visit to Bandar Harapan :)

Today (Sunday) I got reminded to the fond memories of my pets that I was with- long time ago ...way back when I was a kid :)
Having the natural liking for animals (dad,thanks!) has made me become a happy friend of a few dogs & a pup (temporary),2 goldfishes too...

The Dogs and me:
*When I was small,my family stayed in a bungalow near Batu Feringgih beach; a lovely place indeed! to swim and shine :) and best of all, I had a few play buddies a.k.a guards, and they are Jackie,Johnny,Jimmy, Cherrie,Banu, Brownie, Blackie and the rest (sorry, out of memory). Though I can't really remember the fun we had but I still remembered what my mother told; they are our protector. Once, my mother was saved from a big snake when she was drying her clothes.
Thank God! they were there for us... :)
but how long were they with us?
Sorry, I was too raw to get those recorded
I heard that one got hit at the road and......, another went missing...
I can only remember well that Brownie got too old and sick,and they had to put him to sleep :(
I LOVED Brownie...he has been quite close to me, could even remember that when my hand was broken-he was there with me

therefore to
God: thanks for having me to meet those lovable souls! :D
Jackie,Johnny,Jimmy, Cherrie,Banu, Brownie, Blackie : It was good of meeting you all! You all thought me loyalty and FUN! :D also I dedicate my gratitude to the all of you!(for saving my mother)
Dad: thanks for nurturing the love for animals in me at young age :)

Me and a Puppy:
*hehe, this gonna sound funny...but let me just tell you what I have experienced with the cute pup! :D
after few years of staying near the sea side,our family shifted to different locations>>kampung and then to the town, where I entered primary school..
how did I get to meet the little pup?
Well, one day as I was walking back from the shop.. I heard a little bark ..but there's nothing to be found..I searched and searched..nothing still..then I continued my journey back home..however suddenly there appeared a little four-legged brown and bushy/frizzy-hair being. It was running towards me!!awww! Though it looked like it was insecured at first, however we managed to get ourselves connected to each other.
I liked the pup a lot (it really looked like a little toy) so I decided to bring it back home! (without thinking of the consequences>>my family,LOL!)
Then when I got home..and as usual, conflicts head on with my mother & sisters saying 'this and that'
but I had enough courage to keep the pup with me, coz I got a gang and that is my father!! :D
he welcomed the pup as one of our family member :)
happy! happy! :D :D
we let the pup to stay at our balcony. We do not have a proper space to let it live since we are staying in the flats.
It was a pleasure of seeing him playing..but it was not for long when he starts to bite and turned a little nasty..
The funniest thing ever!!!only me & my dad dare to go near him..while the rest; my mother and sisters don't have the guts; they will be so scared to even place their feet on the floor when they sit at the living hall!!!LOL!LOL!
hmm,at last the pup's nastiness and the (lack of) space for it live has made it get back to the streets..I had to let it go...wonder how it is doin now..hmm..

PuP: wherever you are..I really missed your nastiness though you have bitten me many times,LOL! :P wish that one day you will pay me a visit :) though you would not meet my dad..and if you are also still around..

The duos-2 Goldfish(es) and me
* after the Pup left, this 2 aquatic buddies made an entry in my life and again I thank my dad for that :)
it all started with me getting surprised when I got back from a motivational camp
as soon as I entered the house,I saw Goldfish 1 & Goldfish 2 in a mini aquarium :D :D
my dad gotten them for me!! I was so happy :)
I took good care of them
things did not turn out to be good when one of the Goldfish got killed by the other (sad)
don't know what they were fighting for or did....ermmm...
then the remaining one also left (undefined death:committed suicide or natural death)

Goldfish 1 & 2: you 2 were leaving peacefully together for quite some time but I jus don't understand why you 2 quarreled till I gotta loose you all..hmm,so no domestic time don't fight >>be good,LOL! :D

So that's all about it...I personally would thank my dad for inspiring me to love and respect animals as much as how we,the humans do :D you are great dad! Whenever I think of pets, it will always remind me to you...
Cute Mike (German Shepard + Rottweiler) & Me in Bali: shot taken by Raaja


Ek Rishta...a beautiful relationship..

Today (Saturday) I came to learn some lessons of life (from others), especially in relationship..

and the lessons are as follow:
* one must not take the companion for granted
* when one is angry, it is better for him/her to keep quiet for the time being-cool down and then
bring the conflict to a resolution
* never prolong the conflict, resolve it the soonest as it could..
* avoid yourself from Ego as much as possible and soften down..get to the root of the
problem-don't beat around the bush
* a smile would cast the evil spell away and make the 2 of you melt into each other (like the
yummy cheese-LOL!) , and oh yes a warm hug would make the 2 of you glued too!
*and for the longing hearts, it is a miracle when you suddenly become auto-activated once
getting a missed call/call with no answer from your loved one ; though he didn't realise that he
did the call (sounds strange but true)
* try spending some quality time even when you are totally packed up; a little buzz (even a
missed call) on the phone,would make the day of your loved one as colourful as the rainbow

my fav clip for the day is this!
do enjoy it :D

**photo credits to Mr.Vasu

Me, a Nikonian...

My posting today would be on a flashback that would bring you back to the day I became a proud Nikonian.

On the 31st January 2009 (last year- Saturday evening) after a day out with LOL Gang at IOI Mall... me, Selian and Sundra went to Sungei Wang Plaza to get my Nikon D60 at Boieng Electronics.

But before I go deep in it, permit me to keep a little ref to myself as a memory-:
"Hey good to hear that!Have fun,take good care of it.Keep it safely with u.Always wear the strap around your neck.Change the lens carefully,make sure dont have finger prints on the mount. Thats all! From proud nikon owner ahaha!"
msg no22 ,sent 11:18:57 am >> 1-Feb-2009 (as it is)
* an advice from a good & special friend

Strangely, at the time of purchasing the camera, I actually had this
mixed feelings : excited but at the same time feeling choked up.
Well,I myself could not figure out why I felt as such.
At last, I am glad I became a satisfied being !
*My credits to Selian for the guidance and to Sundra for the encouragement! :)

With the camera fresh in my hands, I head to IOI Mall with Sundra and we did our first shoot ever!together with my other friends, it was enjoyable!
Thank God, I have some memorable photos that I took that day..let me share them here!

Me in mixed feelings (shot by Selian-supposed to be candid though)

'Shy' Sundra? You gotta be joking!!!!LOL!

'Happy Family'-LOL! Shot taken when I am officially a Nikonian! (me, looking excited now!)

Next location: IOI Mall-Maria (L) and her friend

1st Test shot : an attempt (need to learn from error, LOL!)

A little improvement! yeay!

Next, camwhore with the girls!

Me with Sundra, to mark the beginning of our 'Poser-ism',LOL!

That's all for now... from the ever proud Nikonian!
Anyway weekends is here...enjoy it everybody!Be blessed!

**Those who are interested in getting cameras (DSLRs) at a good price , you might as well try it at Boieng Electronics:G 103 Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2145 3393

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