Hello Hulu Selangor! :)

A pleasant day, though it was very , very hot!

My activity today was basically more on sight-seeing & shooting with my good friends

The location took place at Hulu Kelang, and at various spots

If you enjoy watching nature, well then I would recommend you to go there to slow & calm down the pace of your life, as though you are at ease while watching the lazy clouds passing by..

Well the town we went, Kuala Kubu Baru, to me does look like Ipoh town and yet it is claimed as sleepy town. This is because you gotta make sure you settle your stuffs there before 6pm, as they close the place early.

Went went to the dam, orang asli settlement, ulu yam village, ulu kalung recreational spot and other places. What a day,pheww! It was really good for me, since I managed to venture many places in just one day! looking forward for more of this adventure later :)
thanks to all my buddies too!thanks for the enjoyment :)

The Dam

On the way to the Orang Asli Settlement

Lastly, the breathtaking lake

That's all folks! :)

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