Navarathiri : Day 4 ,5 ,6 & 7

A simple posting for tonight, on the past few days of Navarathiri celebration by me ,of course,LOL!:

Day 4 : ermm, nothing much except for cleaning up & organising my mini altar..
thank God my room was protected from something :)

Day 5 : Well, it is Tuesday today and it is the day we performed our contemporary piece! We totally had fun,yet performed with the kids! I felt relieved & satisfied with my offering, yet I think I have tried my level best to overcome a lil' of my stagefright,yippee!

Day 6 : I did a lotus kolam in the morning and went to work early,same on the Tuesday-for 2 days I went early to work to replace the time I used to rehearse my contemp ; 2 hours. Then I went to Mid Valley after work to get some gifts as offerings to my gurus! Happy with the stuffs I have gotten for them :)

Day 7 : The first day of Saraswathi's. I managed to wake up as early as 5.30am , though I am lack of sleep for few days but I realised that I automatically got energised to start the day. As usual I will clean my room, then the doorstep. Next refresh myself , then pray, put up kolams at the doorstep also in the house, light up ghee lamp @ the doorstep, then the best one for today is I went for Saraswathi pooja at TFA but ermm right at the last minute, however,thank God I managed to 'meet' and 'greet' all the deities plus enjoyed divine food offering (yummy!) Rightafter i went back home, soaked + washed some clothes, did some pics editing,uploaded some shots in FB, and then walk down to my office.After work,I came down for Kathak practice @ TAF and after all those, here, I am blogging after consuming Prasadam (food offering-once again 'yummy!')


the happening us :P

yeah the contemporary gang again :)

with my good sister :)


okay, I shall now retire to bed as I really wish to wake up early tomo
so that's it for tonight, a recap on how my Navarathiri have been for this year

Good night moon :)

good night all



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