I thought..and it appeared! (P2)

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I shall now continue with the previous posting

On Sunday morning (29th Aug, 2010) after meeting Edgar at the Buddhist temple,I made my way to my school of arts before I could realise that another significant event is up in store :)

Uncle Soman is a simple, common friend of mine whom I enjoyed talking about spiritual matters, current issue & etc whenever I get down to the student's cafe. On that particular day, I was thinking of sharing a little chat with him and surprisingly he gave me 2 poems that reflects what was on my mind!

Let me share those 2 poems here! :)

The Great Escape

While we human beings seldom completely escape,
From the influence of Maya while still alive,
We partially escape from Maya's influence,
In deep sleep,
In dreams & near dreams, in deep prayer and meditation,
It is such a partial escapes that endear us,
So much to our Lord and makes life on earth worth living.

The Divine Love

Just as divine light is flowing through us always,
So too is divine love flowing through us all the time.
So we too tend to love God so very much,
Once we are on the inward journey.

I am very much happy on that day!
It may seem to be coincidence to others
but I count it as a blessing :)

Take care all & count your blessings! :D
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