decision : not yet

30 April 2012

It has been a month over since we last met.
reason : busy

The meet comes in a form of improvement
my heart felt it
my likings, my interest, my desire
was somehow taken in account
i was surprised
for real

expressed , but not in-depth
in general

can't look into the eye, for some time
it gives some kind of feel, deep down inside
but in the eye , I can see
the feel of 'want'
pardon me, if it's not..
but i saw it, felt it too

it was a rare thing
that you listened to me,
for each & every words i uttered
as you never do it last time
and that is why i started to become quiet
when it's not my nature, to be as such..
i let you speak
and i listened all the way...
and now i don't know how to talk you
as i am accustomed to silence..

the attention you gave,
the time you spent ,
still surprised me
it's a new you
i see

the decision is yet to be made
whether to share the half of me with you
let's see how the
etches it...

till then, i will enjoy the company of you as
my friend...
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