the journey...

Hie... I am back :) ...after quite sometime of bein away.
Very glad that I am back to one of my dearest companion, my memory keeper; my beloved blog.

For the past few weeks my confused soul flown through a transcendental journey which is immensely sweet; a journey that provides me the nectar of realisation.

It feels so nice & so warm, almost everything is set on calm mode, and so is my soul...
I believe all this happens for good. A great satisfactory since I am getting more intimate with nature, arts,love, peace & also closer to my soul too..

Now it also feels so beautiful, just like the lotus. While living in a materialistic world, it's better to put things in moderate and live a simple but meaningful life..

Through this divine journey too, I came across one newfound love and at the same gotten myself united with my long-lost love. Marking my way back to the core of arts.

In the next posting I will disclose my long-lost & newfound love. Who knows.. someone who reads this might like them too,and perhaps feel the same way I a more peaceful & calm life..
This posting shall end here, with the expression of my soul on the lovely divine journey.. Ahimsa..
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