'Spellbound' charmed me!

It was a great and a wonderful moment that I experienced last night.I attended 'Spellbound', a dance performance organised by Sutra in Universiti Malaya (admit that that was my first visit to UM)Overjoyed in meeting up new friends, whom I got to know thru online and thru my friends. Haha! enjoyed camwhoring too!!!
I thank God for the opportunity and blessing that He gives me day-by-day
Credits to Ramli Ibrahim for the inspiration too!

Bachata Dance

I shall post something on dance today as I just came across a dance that is called as Bachata. Since it is something new for me,let me share it with you.Below is the explanation on the dance (taken from Wikipedia)

Bachata is a style of dance that accompanies the music of the same name. It has its origins in the Dominican Republic.

The dance is a four-step beat achieved with a walking Cuban hip motion, and a unique “pop”. The dance is performed both in open position and in closed position depending on the setting and mood of the partners. Similar to Merengue, dips are not original to the dance and turns are done infrequently. The male leads the female with subtle communication using pushing and pulling on the hands to guide the direction in which to move or to hint on upcoming turns. The female may also provide communication using her left hand to indicate whether she is comfortable or not dancing in a closed position.

The style developed in Europe and US (Traditional, Modern, Bachatango) is a basic dance sequence of a full 8 count in a side-to-side motion. The Dominican style basic dance sequence is a full 8 count moving within a square. Counts 1 through 3 and 5 through 7, when taken, generate a natural hip motion. Counts 4 and 8, consists of a “pop” movement. The "pop" depending on a person’s style is executed lifting or tapping a foot or using stylish footwork while popping the hip to the side opposite of the natural Cuban hip motion. Bachata music has a slight accent in rhythm at every fourth count, indicating when the “pop” should happen. Note: The “pop” will always be done in the opposite direction of the last step, while the next step will be taken on the same direction of the pop.

for more info on it, do visit this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bachata_(dance)

Next is a video on Bachata, for viewing pleasure & to get a better view on it:

I find that this dance is fun!That's all for today :)

GOD Bless All, Ahimsa..

"Be The Change" ~Thru My Eyes...

This is the story of the "Be The Change" event

Enjoyed good food there! (delicious & yummy!)

Met really happening and friendly chefs ;) from 'The Yogi Tree'

Fell in love with this desert; it's chocolaty yet crunchy with chunks of peanuts in it

Then the hot dude from MixFM,Sham came and did some 'warming up' before the talk

Then followed with the GreenMan's green talk :)

Then the winners for the photo contest were rewarded with cool stuffs from Olympus!

Some celebs also came over to show their support and to flash their smile to the cameras :P

Oh ya,this is cool! I met a new friend on that day...Ming Yang Lim :)

Me, took the chance to grab a pose with the goodie bag and the background,LOL!

The GreenMan,Mr.Mathias also joined the poser club,happily posing!LOL!

This is the winning shot,titled "Hope Lost"

Another cool shot that has won another place :) titled, "Rest In Peace"

I kinda like this shot as well, titled "Food for Thoughts", find it very meaningful :)

Then came to the 'Tree of Pledges'....

and I did my pledge too!

Then it ended with me bidding a bye to Ming Yang with a happy heart & off to another event.

Ahimsa :)

"Be The Change"

Last September(27th September 2009), I attended a green event organised by Origins. It is said that the event is to raise awareness and to educate the public on the dire state of the environment, and to show what YOU can do to help preserve the environment (taken from the web)
While I was alone there, shooting..I came across Ming Yang Lim. She is an interesting being and I enjoyed talking to her .The both of us, I came to know, had one thing in common, that is Charity :) I even heard that she is also in Kechara Soup Kitchen, which I have been looking forward to join...

Since 'TheYogi Tree' has been one of the sponsor for the event, there comes a wide variety of good and tasty food! Especially the desert! It was also served in a good manner too! (Thumbs up for the service!) Yeah I even met friendly chefs there :)

After having light meals, the event started with a humorous and warm speech by Mix fm announcer Sham (who looks hot even though he's bald-hey,bald is sexy :P) then followed with Matthias Gelber's 'the Greenest Person on the Planet' talk. He talked about the current issue of global warming and provided some good ideas on how to preserve the environment too. I came to know about Eco Warriors through him and find it very interesting in joining them too! :)

The winners for the "Be The Change" Photo Contest (which was organised earlier) has been called up to the stage upon receiving their cool prizes sponsored by Olympus!So happy for them :)

There were some celebs who came down that day. One of them whom I can recognise is Xandria Ooi.

Then,after the event is over, both me and Ming went up to the Origins store @ The Gardens to get our goodies : Eco bag and some Origin's mini skincare set :) It was a long queue when we waited for our turn. We parted for our own agenda soon after!
Wow! What a day ;) of meeting new friend and of perceiving lots of new and helpful information

Thanks Origins! ;)

Kathak, a beauty...

In this posting, I wish to share 2 videos of Kathak dance.
really find the dance very feminine yet classic
The song was taken from the ever popular Bollywood movie 'Devdas'
Starring Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit & others
The girls in the first clip had themselves adorned in lovely costumes with nice accessories
However I find that the choreography was also well done!
Watch the clip then :)

Below is the original clip of the song
The song & the clip is classically fabulous!
Enjoy this clip too

2012 & friends...

It was a pleasant weekend that I had with my buddies. Feels like all those lovely memories are back again...fresh.
I spent the Saturday (14th Nov) with LOL Gang and on Sunday (15th Nov) with my university mates. Memories oh memories....lovely old memories...

Here's a lil synopsis on what had happened on .....

*Saturday(14th November)*
Met up the gang in the afternoon, hang out with them @ Garden's Starbucks-discussed a lil bit on our upcoming Bali trip, then head for the movie "2012", dinner with the gang @ Baba Nyonya Cafe.
2012-The movie was good especially it's effect, can really see the team's effect. Kudos to the creative guys behind the movie :) Thank them for stressing the Humanity aspect in this movie!

*Sunday (15th Nov)*
A rendezvous with 2 of my university mates, had table talk at Madam Kwan's. Then my best girlfriend,Barvina gave me 2 gifts, 1 from Vietnam & another from Bali. Cool! it was very nice of her too! Lately she went to Vietnam, she even told me the experience, which was unique and I am so tempted to go there!! The conversation was also added with some girl's talk (giggling), that makes our conversation (almost) perfect just like how a creamer to coffee. LOL!
**had myself measured for Kthk....

Hence, my weekends was well spent with my good buddies, who brought more lovely memories into my life. I thank them for the memories...thank them all..

Bon Odori 2009 *Thru' My Eyes*

The event, before it starts
Pretty Japanese Girls in their Yukatas :)

Irresistibly CUTE!

The event started with drum beats by the guys in their traditional costumes. They looked like warriors too!added with the spirit :)

while waiting for the dance, I spotted this beautiful mother and her pretty little daughter :)
Haha! this funny & happening guys too!

then the dance started with all these lovely looking ladies dancing gracefully and oh yeah, hopping in a gentle manner, very gentle..

This lady is a charmer, a good dancer with charismatic personality

Then I saw the girl dancing!!! and her mum too! cute! :)

Very feminine :)
Happy Family :)
This boy is way too cute! Little Warrior,lol!

When I see this pic, I could sense the LOVE :)

I love the purple Yukata!
Yummy! Japanese packed food & others
Find them cool & took shots with them :)

In whole, it was FUN and unique for me. Next year hope to go for it again in a bigger crowd, so that it's nicer to dance together :)

Bon Odori Festival , July 2009

Back to my posting on Bon Odori Festival , which I went in July
Haha! been long time but the memory...unforgettable

I went there with a good friend of mine, Praveen
and we had fun watching people clad in their traditional costume
then walked around the stalls-cum-booths, checked out some unusual products from Japan,mostly consumes
Then the best part of all is the Dance! They had this dance activity named the Bon Dance
All we need to do is to get into circles and then join in the dance by imitating the others on the main stage (the professional ones or perhaps native dancer)
We danced all night long, then the event ended with the closing dance. Haha! what else? it's none other than the Malaysia Cultural Dance (no further comments on this) obviously not by the Japanese dancers la!

For more info on Bon Odori, check this out!! :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bon_Festival

For more pictures, stay tuned! Be back with more shots!

Healthy, relaxed and Caring October

My Astrology for the month of October

* "It's a well-known fact that you are incredibly tender and sensitive beneath that go-getter, take-no-prisoners attitude, Aries. This October will be the ideal time for you to reveal that tender side and put on your care-taking shoes. Whether it is a friend, a child, a lover or a brother, someone will need your kindly nurturing this month. Their needs will be quite taxing for you. But you adore this person and know that your time will be well spent. Your support will be invaluably comforting to them.

Don't let yourself become over tired. Be sure to look out for your own health too. You will need to be scrupulously attentive to any and all minor complaints. Those symptoms are probably not serious or life-threatening. But if not nipped in the bud, they can escalate. Eat balanced meals at regular hours. Sleep 7 or 7 hours a night. And for heaven's sake, exercise! Physical activity will be particularly vital to your body's well being this October. Don't procrastinate about doctor visits. And by the way, they have dentists where you live too. Stop avoiding that chore this month."

To wrap it up, October should be the month, I.....

* show my concern,care,love: family,friends & also to the environment

* must Eat well,sleep well and exercise as well!

China,a discovery..

Lately I happen to know a new friend from China, a pretty girl she is, accompanied by her father. As a result of knowing her, I came across some unique info on the dressing of those in China,from the traditional aspect. In norm, I thought that Cheong Sam, Sam Foo and etc is what they wear as their traditional costume but after having a little chat wit Nana (my new friend from China), I got to know that it is not exactly as what we have been thinking of.

Nana told me that Cheong Sam is named after the founder of Republic of China in 1912 and there are 56 nationalities in China, in which the Han as the biggest. It's population takes up to 95% of the country and the most interesting part is that EACH nationality has their own traditional costume!

That was an interesting info to me, since I just thought that their costume is basically Cheong Sam & Samfu and at the first place I never knew that they do have that many nationality in that just one country,WOW!

She even showed me a few of the nationalities costumes, and those are as below:

The 'Qiang' Nationality

The 'Mongolia' Nationality

At the last part of our conversation, she provided me a very,very interesting image where most of the costumes of the different nationality are shown. Have a look at it :) nice and unique as it is, right?
(pls click on the image, to enlarge)

Well looks like, getting to know a new friend is worthwhile when I get to discover unique stuffs especially in the cultural aspect. My credits to Nana, for the information given and by the way,the pictures are taken from the Internet ;the source is unknown.

I am happy...

Back after a long gap....

Now straight to my posting for today..

Everyday we need inspiration and motivation to lead our life
lately, I came through this video...
a video, which had taught me a good lesson
that is...
to be happy with what God had gifted and make a full & good use of what you are gifted with.

"Considering the tight coordination required,this accomplishment is nothing short of amazing, even if they were not all deaf. Yes, you read correctly. All 21
dancers are complete deaf-mutes
. Relying only on signals from trainers at the four corners of the stage, these extraordinary dancers deliver a visual spectacle that is at once intricate and stirring.

Its first major international debut was in Athens at the closing ceremonies for the 2004 Paralympics. But it! had long been in the repertoire of the Chinese Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe and had traveled to more than 40 countries.

Its lead dancer is 29 year old Tai Lihua, who has a BA from the Hubei Fine Arts Institute. The video was recorded
hisoka yang jahat: in Beijing during the Spring Festival this year"
Source:Unknown but quoted

I learn the lesson not only in dancing but also in our daily life..
It gave me a reasonable point in painting my life more colourful with what I HAVE
and of not seeking uselessly for what I don't own

so the lesson of the day:
I am happy with what I own now: a peaceful soul flowing through love & artistic journey and may I hope that God will bless me all the way & this also caters to all God's creation


Double Luck

For the past 2 days, I am very pleased to welcome Lady Luck
Never I have expected her to greet me for 2 days, consecutively
However I really appreciate her visit
and now it looks like.. it's time for me to enjoy!

But before that, let's see what have I have won

1~ "The Proposal" Competition by TOKL (Time Out KL)

I could hardly remember when I joined the competition coz it was ages ago when I entered it. Suddenly when they hit me with this mail, then only my memory got refreshed on this.

Now I am very eager to get those stuffs!Now tell me, who would not want their gift? LOL!
(for a better view, pls click on the image above)

and next is the

2~ Tun Abdul Razak : The Musical

For this competition, I simply tried it out. Ahaha! This is because I am ADC-Asia Dance Channel follower, I came across this competition and just let whatever I want to let out in the slogan section and suddenly today I was notified as one the 5 lucky winners to go for the performance.Oh lucky me!! Thanks Lady Luck. Looks like,I owe you a lot,LOL!

(for a better view, pls click on the image above)

LOL! Over here is the snapshot of my slogan with the other winners. At first I was shy to see it on the site but now I realise that I gotta be proud of myself ,with moderation of course.By the way, I will be attending the performance tomorrow (hopefully) at the Istana Budaya. Kinda eager to see Fauziah Latiff performing, never seen one of hers though....

Oh ya, a little info on Tun Abdul Razak : The Musical

Tun Abdul Razak The Musical sets the course for the public to get to know the second prime minister through song and story.

IT’S a journey down the history books when Tun Abdul Razak The Musical rolls out at Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 16-20. The ambitious and heartfelt production started when the students of Aswara (National Dance Culture and Heritage Academy) staged the musical successfully at the academy’s Experimental Theatre in October last year.

Aimed at staging the musical on a bigger scale this time around, Aswara engaged professional actors Rashidi Ishak and Fauziah Latiff and Datuk Rahim Razali as director.

It seeks to pay homage to Malaysia’s second prime minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak, his personal life and leadership before his untimely death in 1976. Tun Abdul Razak was responsible for setting up Barisan Nasional and conceptualising the New Economic Policy.

(Source:The Star Online)

The Casts as a loving couple: Fauziah Latiff and Rashidi Ishak play Toh Puan Rahah and Tun Abdul Razak in Tun Abdul Razak The Musical .

to all Enviromentalist : Climate Engineering

Today I read thru an article, quite interesting one
So I have attached the info here & the credit goes to the writer (below)

Global warming means more people will die from the heat. Sea levels will rise, and there'll be more malaria, starvation and poverty. Concern has been great, but humanity has done very little that will actually prevent these outcomes. Carbon emissions have kept increasing, despite repeated promises of cuts.

We all have a stake in ensuring that climate change is stopped. We turned to climate scientists to tell us about global warming. Now we need to turn to climate economists to enlighten us about the benefits, costs and possible outcomes from different responses to this challenge.

World leaders are meeting in Copenhagen in December to forge a new pact to tackle global warming. Should they continue with plans to make carbon-cutting promises that are unlikely to be fulfilled? What could be achieved by planting more trees, cutting methane or reducing black soot emissions? Is it sensible to focus on a technological solution to warming? Or should we just adapt to a warmer world?

Much of the policy debate remains focused on cutting carbon, but there are many ways to go about repairing the global climate. Our choices will result in different outcomes and different costs.

Climate engineering has the advantage of speed. There is a significant delay between carbon cuts and any temperature drop – even halving global emissions by mid-century would barely be measurable by the end of the century. Making green energy cheap and prevalent will also take a long time. Consider that electrification of the global economy is still incomplete after more than a century of effort.

Many methods of atmospheric engineering have been proposed. Solar radiation management appears to be one of the most hopeful. Atmospheric greenhouse gases allow sunlight to pass through but absorb heat and radiate some down to the Earth's surface. All else being equal, higher concentrations will warm the planet. Solar radiation management would bounce a little sunlight back into space. Reflecting only 1 per cent to 2 per cent of the total sunlight that strikes the Earth could offset as much warming as that caused by doubling pre-industrial levels of greenhouse gases.

When Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, about a million tons of sulphur dioxide were pumped into the stratosphere, reacting with water to form a hazy layer that spread around the globe and – by scattering and absorbing incoming sunlight – cooled the Earth's surface for almost two years. We could mimic this effect through stratospheric aerosol insertion – essentially launching material such as sulphur dioxide or soot into the stratosphere.

Another promising approach is marine cloud whitening, which sprays sea-water droplets into marine clouds to make them reflect more sunlight. This augments the natural process, where sea salt from the oceans provides water vapour with the cloud condensation nuclei.

It is remarkable to consider that we could cancel out this century's global warming with 1,900 unmanned ships spraying sea-water mist into the air to thicken clouds. The total cost would be about $9-billion, and the benefits of preventing the temperature increase would add up to $20-trillion. That is the equivalent of doing $2,000 worth of good with every dollar spent.

Many of the risks of climate engineering have been overstated. Marine cloud whitening would not lead to permanent atmospheric changes, and could be used only when needed. Turning sea water into clouds is a natural process. The biggest challenge is public perception. Many environmental lobbyists oppose even researching climate engineering. This is startling, given the manifold benefits. If we care about avoiding warmer temperatures, it seems we should be elated that this simple, cost-effective approach shows so much promise.

Climate engineering could remain a backup option in case of necessity. Or we could put it on the agenda today. In either case, there's a commanding case for its serious consideration. We're on track to being the generation that wasted decades bickering over carbon-emission cuts and failed to stop the harmful effects of warming. That would be a shameful legacy – one that could be avoided by rethinking climate policy.

Bjorn Lomborg is author of The Skeptical Environmentalist and Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming. He is director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center and adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School

Graduation- 11th August 2008

Today is one of the most memorable day for me as it is the first year anniversary of my graduation.
It was Monday last year, and this year it is Tuesday. I had my family members coming from Penang to share the glorious moment together as well as my friends. It feels so wonderful to have your loved ones with you during these moments, till you feel like you don't want anything else other than them. By the way, below are the shots taken on that day that I will cherish throughout my life. My wishes for those who will be graduating soon, god bless them. Ahimsa....

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