Me, a Nikonian...

My posting today would be on a flashback that would bring you back to the day I became a proud Nikonian.

On the 31st January 2009 (last year- Saturday evening) after a day out with LOL Gang at IOI Mall... me, Selian and Sundra went to Sungei Wang Plaza to get my Nikon D60 at Boieng Electronics.

But before I go deep in it, permit me to keep a little ref to myself as a memory-:
"Hey good to hear that!Have fun,take good care of it.Keep it safely with u.Always wear the strap around your neck.Change the lens carefully,make sure dont have finger prints on the mount. Thats all! From proud nikon owner ahaha!"
msg no22 ,sent 11:18:57 am >> 1-Feb-2009 (as it is)
* an advice from a good & special friend

Strangely, at the time of purchasing the camera, I actually had this
mixed feelings : excited but at the same time feeling choked up.
Well,I myself could not figure out why I felt as such.
At last, I am glad I became a satisfied being !
*My credits to Selian for the guidance and to Sundra for the encouragement! :)

With the camera fresh in my hands, I head to IOI Mall with Sundra and we did our first shoot ever!together with my other friends, it was enjoyable!
Thank God, I have some memorable photos that I took that day..let me share them here!

Me in mixed feelings (shot by Selian-supposed to be candid though)

'Shy' Sundra? You gotta be joking!!!!LOL!

'Happy Family'-LOL! Shot taken when I am officially a Nikonian! (me, looking excited now!)

Next location: IOI Mall-Maria (L) and her friend

1st Test shot : an attempt (need to learn from error, LOL!)

A little improvement! yeay!

Next, camwhore with the girls!

Me with Sundra, to mark the beginning of our 'Poser-ism',LOL!

That's all for now... from the ever proud Nikonian!
Anyway weekends is here...enjoy it everybody!Be blessed!

**Those who are interested in getting cameras (DSLRs) at a good price , you might as well try it at Boieng Electronics:G 103 Sungai Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2145 3393



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