Desiderata (Revealed)

what would one need in life?

if I was asked the question above, I may not know the answer


definately I know what I need

and....this is it

All I need is to:
*make my family(mom,dad,niece,nephew) & my another family happy
*get a simple job that is just nice for me to live with
*be in peace all the time and to spread it all around
*meet the God within me and to bloom in divinity
*be in love with my other half for all my life;and I shall value him as my God-gifted-gift:husband
*be blessed with lovable kids (as talkative like mom /shy like dad @LOL-LOL-LOL!)
*live and grow with nature as she is also my mother!
*do more & more RAK(Random Act of Kindness) all the way and anywhere!
*get to know new friends whenever I travel and to keep a good contact with them; that gives
me the inspiration to smile & talk more =HAPPY!
*be active in my lifestyle and to live with burning spirit & optimism
*be more artistic!in dance, artwork even in the way I live my life
*cherish unforgettable moments of euphoria with my remaining good friends
*get God and Angels read my "Desideratum' (as above) and to bless me :D

To end this posting, let me end with this lovely clip that I really fancy very much :D



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