Dance baby Dance :)

this posting acts as My journal for today, :D

Been a hectic and tiring day today!
I worked till 7.11pm, then from office I rushed to TFA for my Kathak replacement class
On the way, I passed thru night market and I realised that majority are indians there especially non-locals...what to expect Brickfields ma :P
it also feels like I am not in Malaysia, ahaha!
Couldn't grab anything at the pasar malam..coz i was longing to enjoy a cup of 'chaya' @ tea + lite meal; I enjoyed having Mee Siam (Vege) and Tea! :)
On the way to my class, I actually bump into this particular uncle/grandpa from TFA, whom I feel so warm of seeing him and even when getting a smile from him, and there seemed to be a mutual respect that I harbour on him though I have never shared any words with him..he reminds me to my late dad and my late grandpa,hmmm.....

In the class today, as usual we started with strenous practice in the basic footwork (tatkars) coordinated with the taal, next variations in tempo and rapid turning movements/ spins (chakkars) and ended with theehais and spinning exercises. Seriously, I really enjoyed the class today ! though I attended it after work, I never felt stressed or even tired :D instead I felt so inspired yet refreshed! yes i sweated too, a lot after so long!! we too had fun in the class, glad that it was a friendly environment!

For my reference**
To improve: my turnings- need to focus on the point and then turn!head is the first
,body is the LAST!

That's all for today ! :)
Enjoy the videos below and enjoy dancing peeps :D
ahimsa..... :)

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