My personal touch with pets...

shot taken by Kok Pin during my visit to Bandar Harapan :)

Today (Sunday) I got reminded to the fond memories of my pets that I was with- long time ago ...way back when I was a kid :)
Having the natural liking for animals (dad,thanks!) has made me become a happy friend of a few dogs & a pup (temporary),2 goldfishes too...

The Dogs and me:
*When I was small,my family stayed in a bungalow near Batu Feringgih beach; a lovely place indeed! to swim and shine :) and best of all, I had a few play buddies a.k.a guards, and they are Jackie,Johnny,Jimmy, Cherrie,Banu, Brownie, Blackie and the rest (sorry, out of memory). Though I can't really remember the fun we had but I still remembered what my mother told; they are our protector. Once, my mother was saved from a big snake when she was drying her clothes.
Thank God! they were there for us... :)
but how long were they with us?
Sorry, I was too raw to get those recorded
I heard that one got hit at the road and......, another went missing...
I can only remember well that Brownie got too old and sick,and they had to put him to sleep :(
I LOVED Brownie...he has been quite close to me, could even remember that when my hand was broken-he was there with me

therefore to
God: thanks for having me to meet those lovable souls! :D
Jackie,Johnny,Jimmy, Cherrie,Banu, Brownie, Blackie : It was good of meeting you all! You all thought me loyalty and FUN! :D also I dedicate my gratitude to the all of you!(for saving my mother)
Dad: thanks for nurturing the love for animals in me at young age :)

Me and a Puppy:
*hehe, this gonna sound funny...but let me just tell you what I have experienced with the cute pup! :D
after few years of staying near the sea side,our family shifted to different locations>>kampung and then to the town, where I entered primary school..
how did I get to meet the little pup?
Well, one day as I was walking back from the shop.. I heard a little bark ..but there's nothing to be found..I searched and searched..nothing still..then I continued my journey back home..however suddenly there appeared a little four-legged brown and bushy/frizzy-hair being. It was running towards me!!awww! Though it looked like it was insecured at first, however we managed to get ourselves connected to each other.
I liked the pup a lot (it really looked like a little toy) so I decided to bring it back home! (without thinking of the consequences>>my family,LOL!)
Then when I got home..and as usual, conflicts head on with my mother & sisters saying 'this and that'
but I had enough courage to keep the pup with me, coz I got a gang and that is my father!! :D
he welcomed the pup as one of our family member :)
happy! happy! :D :D
we let the pup to stay at our balcony. We do not have a proper space to let it live since we are staying in the flats.
It was a pleasure of seeing him playing..but it was not for long when he starts to bite and turned a little nasty..
The funniest thing ever!!!only me & my dad dare to go near him..while the rest; my mother and sisters don't have the guts; they will be so scared to even place their feet on the floor when they sit at the living hall!!!LOL!LOL!
hmm,at last the pup's nastiness and the (lack of) space for it live has made it get back to the streets..I had to let it go...wonder how it is doin now..hmm..

PuP: wherever you are..I really missed your nastiness though you have bitten me many times,LOL! :P wish that one day you will pay me a visit :) though you would not meet my dad..and if you are also still around..

The duos-2 Goldfish(es) and me
* after the Pup left, this 2 aquatic buddies made an entry in my life and again I thank my dad for that :)
it all started with me getting surprised when I got back from a motivational camp
as soon as I entered the house,I saw Goldfish 1 & Goldfish 2 in a mini aquarium :D :D
my dad gotten them for me!! I was so happy :)
I took good care of them
things did not turn out to be good when one of the Goldfish got killed by the other (sad)
don't know what they were fighting for or did....ermmm...
then the remaining one also left (undefined death:committed suicide or natural death)

Goldfish 1 & 2: you 2 were leaving peacefully together for quite some time but I jus don't understand why you 2 quarreled till I gotta loose you all..hmm,so no domestic time don't fight >>be good,LOL! :D

So that's all about it...I personally would thank my dad for inspiring me to love and respect animals as much as how we,the humans do :D you are great dad! Whenever I think of pets, it will always remind me to you...
Cute Mike (German Shepard + Rottweiler) & Me in Bali: shot taken by Raaja



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