Ek Rishta...a beautiful relationship..

Today (Saturday) I came to learn some lessons of life (from others), especially in relationship..

and the lessons are as follow:
* one must not take the companion for granted
* when one is angry, it is better for him/her to keep quiet for the time being-cool down and then
bring the conflict to a resolution
* never prolong the conflict, resolve it the soonest as it could..
* avoid yourself from Ego as much as possible and soften down..get to the root of the
problem-don't beat around the bush
* a smile would cast the evil spell away and make the 2 of you melt into each other (like the
yummy cheese-LOL!) , and oh yes a warm hug would make the 2 of you glued too!
*and for the longing hearts, it is a miracle when you suddenly become auto-activated once
getting a missed call/call with no answer from your loved one ; though he didn't realise that he
did the call (sounds strange but true)
* try spending some quality time even when you are totally packed up; a little buzz (even a
missed call) on the phone,would make the day of your loved one as colourful as the rainbow

my fav clip for the day is this!
do enjoy it :D

**photo credits to Mr.Vasu


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