A life that brings me to life : ) AmmA

I would like to scoop an opportunity here to dedicate this love-sealed posting to my ever beloved mother...

and now to my humble,flowerlike Amma, let me tell you something that has been stored in my heart all this while..

"I am now far away from you...and you are lonely there..I am so sorry that I could not do much(except to contact you via phone) ...and being away from you has also taught me a lesson>>and that is, one (usually) only values somebody when that person is no more or away...needless to say-Appa is no more and you are far away, whilst me over here feeling so,so lost that it made me longed to be with both of you...remembering those happy moments when you,me and Appa used to have together* it gives an ache deep in my heart-wondering why is it all for temporary? *leave it*

Ever since Appa left, I taught myself to be grateful in having you...for you are such a bold & strong being..seriously you are! cause it is not easy to bring up 3 unmarried girls after husband's death-and it is also not that simple for a typical housewife to cope up with it..but despite all the hardship,you did it!! One of your daughter has got married and now you have 2 wonderful grandchildren to accompany and to entertain you :)

I appreciate you for all of these..
* to be soft-humble hearted, and very,very patient (you just don't get angry- I rarely see that too)
* an obedient and loyal wife (as how you were to Appa)
* very self-sacrificing - you eat the old stocks of food whereas you give us the fresh ones & you will only sleep after (a long wait) any of us-the siblings return home late though you,yourself is very tired and sleepy
* to respect and not to waste food- I do that too Amma :)
* not to be ignorant and not to be lazy- to be aware on any fallen stuffs on the floor and then to handpick them by bending down instead of using your foot to pick them.
* taught me to wake up early to get to the market /to put up a kolam at the entrance of the house
* guide me on how to do smart shopping at the groceries and not to waste money
* teaching me how to cook! (I am learning ,still)
* taught me Tamil (esp in writing & reading)
* you are my inspiration to be an artistic /creative being: I know you loved knitting, sewing, gardening, flower arranging, as well to venture other arts& crafts-house deco
* very hardworking- all the housechores ,all done by only you when you are in such a condition!
* very gentle, loving and caring (introvert) - we rarely show our love & care to each other directly, but deep inside I perceive it mother..
* very peaceful being- to mind our own business and to help others when you need to
* a brave being you are in bringing up the 3 of us + the 2 little ones- all by your own!
* you have made me become a nature lover- when we used to stay in the kampung,you will wake me early in the morning, bring me to sleep at the riverside nearby a little forest and then you told me to enjoy the view of the green to feel fresh and to get pretty looking eyes!:D
* being a sporting being - you have given us the authority to choose our own life partners, and being honoured to get the trust, I will get a good one that he will make you happy :)
and the list goes on.....

For the 25 years (till present) of living my life with you Amma, I am thankful that I have met you, thanks for showing me what and how it takes to be a woman,daughter and a wife...and on top of that, thanks for being my mother, my Angel and my Life!"

Happy Mother's Day...

Om Shanti ...
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