My Motherly Instinct...

Simple posting but lotsa LOVE in it :)

After work this evening while it was raining, I walked out from my office passed KL Sentral and then made my way to the bus stop. Since it was raining heavily I rushed to get a shelter nearby the bus stop and there I made a little observation while waiting for the bus for 1 1/2 hour.

I came to see a mother holding her little baby boy, asleep, close to her chest..and at the same time watching over the little one rested next to her breasts. After some time, she gave the little one a light peck on his forehead ..and all the while, the little one snugged up so comfortably that it makes me feel so at loved! Oh she was then accompanied by her husband who made a sudden entry..LOL!and yes, he too was admiring their sleeping baby :D

How blissful it is to see such a scene ...which is full of love and care..
and How it would be of MORE, if one experiences it personally?
Yes, seeing that, it actually made me travelled thru my arsenal of thoughts...
* How would I be when I become a mother?
How many children would we have?
and how would they be loved by us; me & my husband?
How would they grow?
and how would the love flourish and bloom more and more? *
yet,I am kinda excited to hold our baby close/next to me...give him/her the warmth of love..sing a little lullaby, lightly or even talk & talk lots of story , and even dance while cuddling him/her, LOL! Oh what an imagination! anyway let all those to come by when the right time approaches
but till then I will observe, learn and shall spread more Love all around :D



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