God bless : Further Note...

I would start today's posting with a humble gratitude towards God for blessing my day today

To 'summarise' on what had happened today.....

I woke up & got ready (very) early...LOL! even had the time to draw a Kolam at the doorstep! Then got myself on a bus after 7am and reached KL Sentral by 8am.Managed to grab some time to sip on a cup of Milo at a mamak restaurant and at the same had the pleasure of watching some Tamizh song clips on Astro. Stepped into the office before 8.30am, met my Admin Manager;he briefed me on my tasks and the contract. Then I was introduced to my team mate-Suzanna. Suzanna and me seemed to click well too! Thank God I met her, but it is not gonna be long since she'll be leaving next month, end. Then I was briefed again by another staff from US Base via conference call. As for lunch, my manager gave me a treat, he was so sporting that he opted for a place that serves vege food in KL Sentral; hence we went to the 'Swiss Oven' and had (God-knows-how-big&hard) tasty and healthy sandwiches + juices.For the whole day, I ended up getting exposed to the company's database to get familiarised with it. For me, it was fun and challenging! Best of all, I was welcomed humbly by all :D

However on the other hand, I missed my previous workstation whereby it was way more happening when all of us made noise like nobody's business!!!ahahahaha! and now I really need to get used to the brand new environment where I need to sustain myself in silence (no heavy music) and to face the screen all the time.Ahahah!however that doesn't matter , I still will get back my Walkman from Sony Centre (hopefully soon) and soften the volume then enjoy doing my work.Lalalalala!

Oh I also realised my current colleagues is discrete than of the previous; the designers (previous) and software engineers (current). It is of TOTAL DIFFERENCE! Seriously! Now I am missing those fellow designers and hell yeah, designers are super cool yet happening! But still engineers are also cool in their own way too, I kinda like their seriousness,LOL! ahahaha! :D

Okay, let me end this posting by again thanking GOD and all for the support . Hope that everybody shall be blessed in every good deed they do and may more GOODness spread all around and make this world more lovable! :D

P.S: I am now working in a US software company :) and this time with Software Engineers (deep in my heart,missing the Designers!LOL!)


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