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A wonderful weekend I had!
Oh yes I do :)
Especially when it is cherished with nice-to-be-with buddies; both old + new friends!

On Saturday I went to FRIM with a happening couple,to name them- Poobalan & Thenmozhy. Initially planned as a picnic, but as we went there and we got ourselves more into hiking and jungle trailing activity. After done with it , we call it a good day with a unique cup of Malay tea + chit chat with a new buddy + and yeah!camwhoring! of course, we did shoot all the way until my battery dried out!LOL!and FYI this was my first time trip to FRIM, that also means I am planning to go there again :)
Gratitude: Poobalan bro, Then sis + Radzli(new friend) for the good time together!
Meanwhile for today, it is definitely the lovable fun-day Sunday :)
I was gifted a surprise that comes with a package of great FUN!!!FUN!!GREAT ONE!!
As usual Sundays would be my classical dance lesson day, so I was wearing a traditional attire
and to my (so called) horror, when I reached the dance studio I realised that there is NO kathak class as it is replaced with the 'African dance + music' workshop. However, I was encouraged to join the workshop! At first I felt not so comfy but when the workshop started, all those feelings drifted away and FUN came in all the way!!! the dance is way too magical , though it is totally new for us, we all shared great laughter while uncovering the stamina within to sway along with the drum beats, oh FAST drum beats!LOL!The best& worthy part of this workshop is that I managed to learn African dance + music from here itself,LOL!
Gratitude: Olivier Tarpaga, US (Origin-West Africa) + TFA for the lovely workshop!!

that's all for today,more to come in the next posting! :D

ahimsa :)


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