Healthy, relaxed and Caring October

My Astrology for the month of October

* "It's a well-known fact that you are incredibly tender and sensitive beneath that go-getter, take-no-prisoners attitude, Aries. This October will be the ideal time for you to reveal that tender side and put on your care-taking shoes. Whether it is a friend, a child, a lover or a brother, someone will need your kindly nurturing this month. Their needs will be quite taxing for you. But you adore this person and know that your time will be well spent. Your support will be invaluably comforting to them.

Don't let yourself become over tired. Be sure to look out for your own health too. You will need to be scrupulously attentive to any and all minor complaints. Those symptoms are probably not serious or life-threatening. But if not nipped in the bud, they can escalate. Eat balanced meals at regular hours. Sleep 7 or 7 hours a night. And for heaven's sake, exercise! Physical activity will be particularly vital to your body's well being this October. Don't procrastinate about doctor visits. And by the way, they have dentists where you live too. Stop avoiding that chore this month."

To wrap it up, October should be the month, I.....

* show my concern,care,love: family,friends & also to the environment

* must Eat well,sleep well and exercise as well!


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