Bon Odori Festival , July 2009

Back to my posting on Bon Odori Festival , which I went in July
Haha! been long time but the memory...unforgettable

I went there with a good friend of mine, Praveen
and we had fun watching people clad in their traditional costume
then walked around the stalls-cum-booths, checked out some unusual products from Japan,mostly consumes
Then the best part of all is the Dance! They had this dance activity named the Bon Dance
All we need to do is to get into circles and then join in the dance by imitating the others on the main stage (the professional ones or perhaps native dancer)
We danced all night long, then the event ended with the closing dance. Haha! what else? it's none other than the Malaysia Cultural Dance (no further comments on this) obviously not by the Japanese dancers la!

For more info on Bon Odori, check this out!! :

For more pictures, stay tuned! Be back with more shots!


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