2012 & friends...

It was a pleasant weekend that I had with my buddies. Feels like all those lovely memories are back again...fresh.
I spent the Saturday (14th Nov) with LOL Gang and on Sunday (15th Nov) with my university mates. Memories oh memories....lovely old memories...

Here's a lil synopsis on what had happened on .....

*Saturday(14th November)*
Met up the gang in the afternoon, hang out with them @ Garden's Starbucks-discussed a lil bit on our upcoming Bali trip, then head for the movie "2012", dinner with the gang @ Baba Nyonya Cafe.
2012-The movie was good especially it's effect, can really see the team's effect. Kudos to the creative guys behind the movie :) Thank them for stressing the Humanity aspect in this movie!

*Sunday (15th Nov)*
A rendezvous with 2 of my university mates, had table talk at Madam Kwan's. Then my best girlfriend,Barvina gave me 2 gifts, 1 from Vietnam & another from Bali. Cool! it was very nice of her too! Lately she went to Vietnam, she even told me the experience, which was unique and I am so tempted to go there!! The conversation was also added with some girl's talk (giggling), that makes our conversation (almost) perfect just like how a creamer to coffee. LOL!
**had myself measured for Kthk....

Hence, my weekends was well spent with my good buddies, who brought more lovely memories into my life. I thank them for the memories...thank them all..


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