Double Luck

For the past 2 days, I am very pleased to welcome Lady Luck
Never I have expected her to greet me for 2 days, consecutively
However I really appreciate her visit
and now it looks like.. it's time for me to enjoy!

But before that, let's see what have I have won

1~ "The Proposal" Competition by TOKL (Time Out KL)

I could hardly remember when I joined the competition coz it was ages ago when I entered it. Suddenly when they hit me with this mail, then only my memory got refreshed on this.

Now I am very eager to get those stuffs!Now tell me, who would not want their gift? LOL!
(for a better view, pls click on the image above)

and next is the

2~ Tun Abdul Razak : The Musical

For this competition, I simply tried it out. Ahaha! This is because I am ADC-Asia Dance Channel follower, I came across this competition and just let whatever I want to let out in the slogan section and suddenly today I was notified as one the 5 lucky winners to go for the performance.Oh lucky me!! Thanks Lady Luck. Looks like,I owe you a lot,LOL!

(for a better view, pls click on the image above)

LOL! Over here is the snapshot of my slogan with the other winners. At first I was shy to see it on the site but now I realise that I gotta be proud of myself ,with moderation of course.By the way, I will be attending the performance tomorrow (hopefully) at the Istana Budaya. Kinda eager to see Fauziah Latiff performing, never seen one of hers though....

Oh ya, a little info on Tun Abdul Razak : The Musical

Tun Abdul Razak The Musical sets the course for the public to get to know the second prime minister through song and story.

IT’S a journey down the history books when Tun Abdul Razak The Musical rolls out at Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur from Aug 16-20. The ambitious and heartfelt production started when the students of Aswara (National Dance Culture and Heritage Academy) staged the musical successfully at the academy’s Experimental Theatre in October last year.

Aimed at staging the musical on a bigger scale this time around, Aswara engaged professional actors Rashidi Ishak and Fauziah Latiff and Datuk Rahim Razali as director.

It seeks to pay homage to Malaysia’s second prime minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak, his personal life and leadership before his untimely death in 1976. Tun Abdul Razak was responsible for setting up Barisan Nasional and conceptualising the New Economic Policy.

(Source:The Star Online)

The Casts as a loving couple: Fauziah Latiff and Rashidi Ishak play Toh Puan Rahah and Tun Abdul Razak in Tun Abdul Razak The Musical .


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