"Be The Change" ~Thru My Eyes...

This is the story of the "Be The Change" event

Enjoyed good food there! (delicious & yummy!)

Met really happening and friendly chefs ;) from 'The Yogi Tree'

Fell in love with this desert; it's chocolaty yet crunchy with chunks of peanuts in it

Then the hot dude from MixFM,Sham came and did some 'warming up' before the talk

Then followed with the GreenMan's green talk :)

Then the winners for the photo contest were rewarded with cool stuffs from Olympus!

Some celebs also came over to show their support and to flash their smile to the cameras :P

Oh ya,this is cool! I met a new friend on that day...Ming Yang Lim :)

Me, took the chance to grab a pose with the goodie bag and the background,LOL!

The GreenMan,Mr.Mathias also joined the poser club,happily posing!LOL!

This is the winning shot,titled "Hope Lost"

Another cool shot that has won another place :) titled, "Rest In Peace"

I kinda like this shot as well, titled "Food for Thoughts", find it very meaningful :)

Then came to the 'Tree of Pledges'....

and I did my pledge too!

Then it ended with me bidding a bye to Ming Yang with a happy heart & off to another event.

Ahimsa :)


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