"Be The Change"

Last September(27th September 2009), I attended a green event organised by Origins. It is said that the event is to raise awareness and to educate the public on the dire state of the environment, and to show what YOU can do to help preserve the environment (taken from the web)
While I was alone there, shooting..I came across Ming Yang Lim. She is an interesting being and I enjoyed talking to her .The both of us, I came to know, had one thing in common, that is Charity :) I even heard that she is also in Kechara Soup Kitchen, which I have been looking forward to join...

Since 'TheYogi Tree' has been one of the sponsor for the event, there comes a wide variety of good and tasty food! Especially the desert! It was also served in a good manner too! (Thumbs up for the service!) Yeah I even met friendly chefs there :)

After having light meals, the event started with a humorous and warm speech by Mix fm announcer Sham (who looks hot even though he's bald-hey,bald is sexy :P) then followed with Matthias Gelber's 'the Greenest Person on the Planet' talk. He talked about the current issue of global warming and provided some good ideas on how to preserve the environment too. I came to know about Eco Warriors through him and find it very interesting in joining them too! :)

The winners for the "Be The Change" Photo Contest (which was organised earlier) has been called up to the stage upon receiving their cool prizes sponsored by Olympus!So happy for them :)

There were some celebs who came down that day. One of them whom I can recognise is Xandria Ooi.

Then,after the event is over, both me and Ming went up to the Origins store @ The Gardens to get our goodies : Eco bag and some Origin's mini skincare set :) It was a long queue when we waited for our turn. We parted for our own agenda soon after!
Wow! What a day ;) of meeting new friend and of perceiving lots of new and helpful information

Thanks Origins! ;)


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