Bon Odori 2009 *Thru' My Eyes*

The event, before it starts
Pretty Japanese Girls in their Yukatas :)

Irresistibly CUTE!

The event started with drum beats by the guys in their traditional costumes. They looked like warriors too!added with the spirit :)

while waiting for the dance, I spotted this beautiful mother and her pretty little daughter :)
Haha! this funny & happening guys too!

then the dance started with all these lovely looking ladies dancing gracefully and oh yeah, hopping in a gentle manner, very gentle..

This lady is a charmer, a good dancer with charismatic personality

Then I saw the girl dancing!!! and her mum too! cute! :)

Very feminine :)
Happy Family :)
This boy is way too cute! Little Warrior,lol!

When I see this pic, I could sense the LOVE :)

I love the purple Yukata!
Yummy! Japanese packed food & others
Find them cool & took shots with them :)

In whole, it was FUN and unique for me. Next year hope to go for it again in a bigger crowd, so that it's nicer to dance together :)


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