China,a discovery..

Lately I happen to know a new friend from China, a pretty girl she is, accompanied by her father. As a result of knowing her, I came across some unique info on the dressing of those in China,from the traditional aspect. In norm, I thought that Cheong Sam, Sam Foo and etc is what they wear as their traditional costume but after having a little chat wit Nana (my new friend from China), I got to know that it is not exactly as what we have been thinking of.

Nana told me that Cheong Sam is named after the founder of Republic of China in 1912 and there are 56 nationalities in China, in which the Han as the biggest. It's population takes up to 95% of the country and the most interesting part is that EACH nationality has their own traditional costume!

That was an interesting info to me, since I just thought that their costume is basically Cheong Sam & Samfu and at the first place I never knew that they do have that many nationality in that just one country,WOW!

She even showed me a few of the nationalities costumes, and those are as below:

The 'Qiang' Nationality

The 'Mongolia' Nationality

At the last part of our conversation, she provided me a very,very interesting image where most of the costumes of the different nationality are shown. Have a look at it :) nice and unique as it is, right?
(pls click on the image, to enlarge)

Well looks like, getting to know a new friend is worthwhile when I get to discover unique stuffs especially in the cultural aspect. My credits to Nana, for the information given and by the way,the pictures are taken from the Internet ;the source is unknown.


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