April* Talentime

A beautiful life is on ahead...I can see that..but it's just that sometimes that vision becomes blurry and made the fantasy seemed to be gone for temporary. However, pushing thru life is the one and only formula that I personally will apply, in another word-by hook or crook, you still gotta live it...
Ok,why am I talking all this?
Yeah, this is because we are welcoming the lovely month of April...

Happy April everybody..it's time to enjoy it and cherish it in your memory

Well today I wanna cherish my first day of April by going for a movie date with one of my good friend,Kavilan
We are watching Talentine, under Malaysian production-proudly by Yasmin Ahmad
Hmmm,the casts look kinda interesting too
Today my friend actually belanja me coz it is his last day working before he switches to another g place.I am feeling happy for him, therefore I am celebrating with him tonight.
I will give the movie review later..
The movie's trailer seemed to be catchy & interesting
I have never watched any of Yasmin's movie before this, this shall be the first one then..
let's watch it !
and see it for myself..
good April everybody!


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