Here one goes, there one comes......

Well, well, well.. looks like Mr. March is leaving and Miss April is stepping in. How proud I am when my special month is coming in the focus of the world, in the attention of every living being....

To recap, the month March is one of my most fav month since my prince charming was born on that month.And even I went for lots of lots of events especially in Central Market and the Annexe Gallery during the awesome weekends. I will do the coverage on those events thru blog posting later.

Now I am bidding farewell to the month of March, since I think not many people may consider it as a friend...but I do...It was there all the way, no matter day and is apart of our life..I appreciate and each and every day it brings ,no matter how bad and good they are..

It is time to cherish everyday and appreciate it

Therefore let's thank the previous months>>
January, February & March

and let's welcome April

the month I was born



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