Me + LOL Gang= My 24th Birthday celeb

Tomorrow is THE DAY, the day of excitement where I will have ALL THE FUN in the worlD!!Yeah,it is with the none other than the LOL GAng!
This is because I am celebrating my 24th birthday (gosh, can't believe I am one now!!) with them..


A lil insight on tomoro's agenda...
Tomorrow's agenda, will start with me 'bullying' them.Ahahaha!!LOL!!Well,i fairly think that those who come for my birthday party should not keep quiet, they gotta work it out in order to etch a cute UNFORGETTABLE memory in their life..

There will also be photoshoots
>both Day & Nite , Indoor & Outdoor< style="color: rgb(153, 51, 153);"> Annalakshmi(TFA's food outlet), the not only heaven-of-food, but also the elixir-of-art,where my soul and passion belongs to... the TFA-Temple of Fine Arts. I was a part of it previously,when I learnt both Bharatanaatyam & Sangeetam.

Ok Ok,let's head on to the speciality for tomo
1) I am going to bully them!
3)Dressing code:Purple theme (can't wait to see the GUYS in purple)
4)Nice food
5)I am gonna give them something(why always the birthday girl receiving gift?This time let the party-goers get something from her)

On this special day, I am wishing to collaborate these subject matter with them:
Peace, love, art, nature, purple

Let's see how it's gonna bloom into

That's all folk!

Will be back with the LOLs soon!


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