Re-Born .....

Today, my blog has undergone plastic surgery...hahaha! a facelift perhaps
Well in the layout..many changes can be seen such as the colour & fonts & also the header!
Nice tak?
*my credits go to KaK Zakiah for that...for the designing, however the overall concept is of mine
In the layout, I have embedded elements of nature (the wooden block,lotus) and my favourite colour too-purple..
The layout, in overall,reflects my love towards nature, my mood and basically everything of me...

by the way,let me make my posting humorous today,ok?
My bread expires on the 4th,but not ME,coz I would be born on that day..LOL!


Seal in Astral said...

this is nice header....i like it..

Zakiah Mohd Saad said...

hehehe...thanks sebab puji... :P

Kavi said...

nice blog.... colour combination is good and contrasting enuf...

actually i found it few weeks ago... searching for lotus and purple in Google actually did pay off... though i was waiting for u to tell me 1st... too bad Zakiah beat u to it :P

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