Talentime : a movie worth watching for

I watched Talentime last nite at IOI Mall,Puchong

My rating for the movie goes to 7.5/10

Not bad!A very nostalgic movie..

My P.O.V on the movie:

The plus points
- logic storyline>>realistic
- stresses on being open & of not being too skeptical@typical
(I guess this is the speciality of Yasmin Ahmad)
-Taboos & sensitive issues manufactured in clean,detailed & smart manner
-Lots of symbolic representation mirrored
-Love has been emphasized in many ways too
-new faces did well & blend with the roles
-culturally rich: different cultures blended in & there comes cool hybridity
-some good & simple comedies to sweeten the movie
-Adibah Noor is simply awesome with her charismatic & sarcastic role in the movie

The not-so-plus points
-ermm, Jaclyn Victor tried her level 'best' to act...
-some of the cast acted but i think they forgotten their script at times (obvious in some scenes)
-the love sequence among the hero & heroin is lacking
-some not so necessary scene oso available

In overall: the movie is SUPERCOOL in the Malaysian context
I give it a go!


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